Chef Edgar Sanuy Chats the Power of Spanish Food on The Delish Guestlist

The Delish Guestlist Podcast by The Beat Asia

Episode notes

Edgar Sanuy is a skilled crafter of culinary experiences, proud of the history of food from his warm home in Catalonia. Having worked in Hong Kong for more than a decade, the chef and director has influenced the local food scene with his take on the power of Spanish cuisine to bring people together. Formerly with Maximal Concepts in Hong Kong from 2013 to 2016, Edgar joined the Epicurean Group’s leading collection of restaurants and bars in 2017. He curates the menu and oversees the guest experience at HK's leading tapas restaurants, Pica Pica and BÀRBAR. Edgar joins The Delish Guestlist in the penultimate episode of season two to share his love for cooking Spanish food, discuss the mental health challenges in a demanding industry, and explore his familial connection to the restaurant trade.

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