by Phoenix Amara & Sonja Semyonova

In the Holy Eros Podcast with Phoenix Amara & Sonja Semyonova, we explore aspects of devotion, intimacy, passion and love, where the transformational medicine of our Soul, Sex & Art intersects and transforms ourselves and the world.

Featuring experts, professionals and speakers with a diversity of backgrounds, we get into conversations, debates and even confessions on the intersection between sacred se ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • Dating in the Modern Jungle


    Dating in the Modern Jungle


    Welcome to Season 3 of the Holy Eros Podcast with Phoenix & our new permanent co-host Sonja Semyonova. Is it really ‘Love in the Time of Tinder’? Is there really a price tag on true love, or are we just victims of a heartless algorithm? In this episode, join us as we hack our way through the dense underbrush of online dating, how to dodge the pitfalls of capitalistic courtship, and alternatives to the algorithms. From the treacherous terrain of Tinder to the perilous pitfalls of Plenty of Fish, we'll reveal our own misadventures in the jungle of digital romance. We even recount some hilarious mishaps, cringe-worthy encounters, and downright bizarre messages and experiences we've encountered in the wild. But we discuss deeper issues at play, exploring the capitalistic models of dating that often leave us feeling more like commodities than human beings. Is love truly blind, or are we all just victims of the almighty dollar sign? WE ALSO DISCUSS: • Some essential survival skills you need to navigate this modern jungle with grace and clarity. • How to cut through the noise & get clear on what you truly want in a partner and relationship • Tips to creating an eye-catching Online Dating Bio (if you do decide to try this route) • & alternatives to the hazardous and emerge from the chaos with your heart (mostly) intact. From awkward first dates to unexpected love connections, get ready to laugh, learn, and maybe even find a little romance along the way. Welcome to the jungle, where the only thing more unpredictable than love is our podcast! 🍄Special shout out to Moment Mushrooms🍄 Moment Mushrooms is a BC-based wellness brand focused on the transformative power of psilocybin mushrooms to support inner growth and mental health. They are committed to 100% plastic free packaging and quality organic ingredients. We’re happy to introduce any of our Canadian listeners to Moment Mushrooms. Just go to https://momentmushrooms.com/?coupon=holyeros and use the code holyeros (one word) for 20% off your order. That’s holyeros (one word) for a 20% discount. COME FIND US: Site: www.holyerosinstitute.com Phoenix Amara IG: @thephoenixamara Sonja Semyonova IG: @bodystoryteller Please consider giving us a positive rating, sharing the episode and leaving us a review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Season 2

  • Activating your Creativity with Voice & Pussy Codes


    Activating your Creativity with Voice & Pussy Codes


    Have you ever wondered if the way you approach creativity and artistic expression impacts having a yummy juicy sex life and being a masterful lover? If you appreciate candid and lively raw convos on sex, love and the Eros of creativity with two consummate creatives and friends…daling, you gonna love today’s episode. You’ll want to drink from the well of wisdom that Raven shares in our interview where she reveals: Facing comparison to access the secret of success thru compersion The gift of being ‘Project Polyamorous’ and how strengthening your creative capacity across different mediums vs. niching allows you to explore facets of your expression you didn’t realize Why tapping your outlet of creativity will make you a BETTER LOVER The Difference of Dating as a Creative & approaching your dating + relating through the lens of ‘how fun can it be’? & letting fear and grief bring you to the edges of your creative expression to liberate your unique message SHOW NOTES & RESOURCES: ‘Playing with Fire’ book by Justin Piece & London WintersRaven Royce is a transformational artist with a magical Voice. Affectionately called the "Shamanic Disney Princess," she is known for infusing her radiant Spirit into transformational spaces of collective creativity and prayer. Over the last decade she has mentored, supported, and collaborated with numerous visionaries in conscious business, transformational events, emergent technology, holistic spirituality, and ceremonial art, lending her gift of Sight and ability to translate the Unseen into the creation of powerful books, music, events, and experiences – all with a common mission to Unite the people of our planet. Currently based in LA, Raven is finishing up her debut album ‘Medicine’, and is excited to hit stages with her unique flavor of ecstatic prayer.She is about to re-open her signature course, Voice Codes, which you can get on the waitlist for now: www.ravenroyce.com/voicecodes for your gift – holy eros audio activation – ravenroyce.com/holyeros IG @raven.royce TikTok:@ravenroyce Twitter Youtube _____________________________________________________________________________WANT TO DIVE DEEPER WITH PHOENIX AMARA INTO TRANSFORMATIONAL INTIMACY? Get on the waitlist for more details on ARCHETYPAL EROS: AN ALCHEMICAL 6-MONTH CO-ED CONTAINER WITH PHOENIX AMARA - EXPLORING PLEASURE, DESIRE & SELF-WORTH so you can experience the love, sex & relationships your heart aches for. Sign up to get on the Waitlist for when it launches (and get access to some yummy bonuses). Or check out more of her work & resources here>>https://phoenixamara.com/links

  • Embracing your Wild Unleashed Erotic Lover & Mother with Natalie Abraham


    Embracing your Wild Unleashed Erotic Lover & Mother with Natalie Abraham


    Exploring sexuality as a woman, let alone as a mother, is a complex initiation into facing your inner wounds and sexual shame often passed down through our mother lines. So my convo with Somatic Trauma Therapist Natalie Abraham was a deeply refreshing exploration where she touched on: Illuminating the divine paradox that is to balance the paradox of being both an erotic sensual woman & mother and dissolving the ever selfless ‘martyred mother’ archetype to come into divine integration (or the healing of the Virgin/Whore divide and reclamation of the whole spectrum woman) Her powerful story of modeling healthy curious sexual exploration for her pre-teen and how to broach the uncomfortable topics of sexual education with our children Unpacking sexual shame that gets passed down from mother to daughter & how to create space for dialogue, curiosity and exploration in healthy ways The importance of heart + soul in building trust for genuine intimacy and overcoming the disconnection between love + sex we see in the dating world exacerbated through Online Dating/Tinder/Porn culture Her distinction of Sexuality vs. Sensuality and the four stages of intimacy, sensuality, sexual energy, and sex and how to use these distinctions to explore different forms of touch + closeness Natalie is a certified Somatic Trauma Therapist, an intimacy coach and heart initiator, an artist and healer, a poet. She guide’s transformative journeys through multiple sensual and sexual arts including Dancing into Tantra, Rope Healing/Shibari, Erotic Explorations, Female Embodiment, Men’s Circles and much more. Her key emphasis lies in vulnerability, empowerment, and conscious intimacy. She is also host and founder of her live radio talk show ‘Let’s Talk About’, conversing with international experts on subjects of relationships, sex and taboo.Find out more:IG: www.instagram.com/natalieabraham1 | www.NataliesQueendom.comLove@NataliesQueendom.comLet’s Talk About - Radio Showhttps://www.instagram.com/letstalkabout_radio/https://open.spotify.com/show/5ZaJgmzBHhxBn2WoOIgaSf?si=d5KIXYDoRI2xae2DNFMaYAhttps://nataliesqueendom.com/free-gifts/_____________________________________________________________________________WANT TO DIVE DEEPER WITH PHOENIX AMARA INTO TRANSFORMATIONAL INTIMACY? Get on the waitlist for more details on ARCHETYPAL EROS: AN ALCHEMICAL 6-MONTH CO-ED CONTAINER WITH PHOENIX AMARA - EXPLORING PLEASURE, DESIRE & SELF-WORTHso you can experience the love, sex & relationships your heart aches for. Sign up to get on the Waitlist for when it launches (and get access to some yummy bonuses).Or check out more of her work & resources here>> https://phoenixamara.com/links

  • Beyond Consent with Mischa Byruck

    Beyond Consent with Mischa Byruck

    Mischa’s a beloved friend of mine and also quite a pillar of leadership and inspiration in holding integrity around the realms of consent (which is very important in the area of sacred sexuality). This is a great interview for those desiring to lead in the realms of sacred sexuality or those stepping into trainings and educational spaces with regards to sexual development. A Sexual Integrity coach and consent education partner of the Bonobo Network, we dove into some deep and somewhat difficult terrain exploring: Power Dynamics in the Sexuality scene and setting examples as a leader of integrity in sex-positive spaces Rolling out the red carpet for No & going Beyond Consent for discerning the differences between consensual sexual experiences that are healing + those that aren’t Getting to the core of your desires and allowing yourself to truly feel the difference of your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in any circumstance. Mischa Byruck (He/him) is a sexual integrity coach and supports people to live their sex lives in line with their values. He specializes in supporting the subjects of public callouts and cancellations and has supported over three dozen men to take accountability for sexual harm and return to their lives transformed. He also leads courses and workshops on sexual integrity, kink, and consent. He is the consent education partner of Bonobo Network, the Bay Area’s premiere sex-positive community organization, and the official accountability referral partner of The Consent Academy. More at Evolve.Men and BeyondConsent.LoveEmail: Mischa@evolve.menwebsite: Evolve.men, beyondconsent.loveInstagram: @sirmischabPartnerships Director, Bonobo NetworkSchedule a call with Mischa

  • Sex up Your Life with Julie Archembault


    Sex up Your Life with Julie Archembault


    Meet Author and Conscious Innovator Julie Archambault. In today’s episode of Holy Eros Julie Archembault, the author of “Sex Up Your Life” and founder of ‘CoCreative Sex shares with us: The backstory of why she decided to write a book on sexuality and her own journey of curiosity launching her on a trajectory of researching sexuality with a diversity of experts, professionals and people’s personal journeys The Difference of Fragmenting vs. Integrating Sexual Experiences Deepening the relationship with one’s boundaries, desires, and sensuality to have more healing experiences of awakening and expansion The ‘Spectrum’ of Sexual Experiences and moving up the scale into the transcendent Julie Archembault is the founder of CoCreative—a wellness business committed to conscious, creative lives, healing our relationship to sex, both collectively and individually. Her book "Sex Up Your Life: The Mind-Blowing Path to True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope" is a deep-dive into the unconscious and mostly unspoken realms of sex. It explores a continuum from disconnected to connected sex, while showcasing sexual biographies revealing what people are dealing with and the path to unlock their intimacy potential. The book is sex-worker friendly, kink-aware, trauma-informed, and contains some important information about decolonizing and reclaiming sexuality. Ultimately, this book helps to evolve our heart consciousness and move into becoming our full authentic selves, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and sexually.IG @cocreativesex | Facebook: Julie P. Archambault, CoCreativeSex on FB business.cocreativesex.comhttps://www.audible.com/pd/Sex-Up-Your-Life-Audiobook/B0BLJ4HM2Xhttps://www.amazon.com/dp/1777065305https://cocreativesex.com/incubator/________Book mentioned in the show: “Aphrodite's Daughters: Women's Sexual Stories and the Journey of the Soul” by Jalaja Bonheim