Face Your Faith

by West Kenyon

FaceYourFaith.com is designed to help and encourage those who are serious to Challenge Their Faith in order to live out God's Word in boldness, sincerity, humility and free from fear and defeat. It’s time to get very real, and back to Christ centered basics, becoming hungry students of God’s Word. Our main website is www.FaceYourFaith.com where you will find more information on Face Your Faith and our mission. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • S03 E09 - Getting High On God

    S03 E09 - Getting High On God

    Putting God first in your life

  • S03 E08 - The Prodigal Son

    S03 E08 - The Prodigal Son

    So what is this story of the Lost Son or the Prodigal Son all about, and what is in it for for us? List now and find out more on this dynamic parable and how we can learn more about what a healthy relationship can look like.

  • S03 E07 - Our Idols

    S03 E07 - Our Idols

    This week our topic is on Idols and we will be taking a look at the idols in each and everyone of our lives.

  • S03 E06 - Finding A Church

    S03 E06 - Finding A Church

    Our focus today will be on Finding a Church and what a healthy, good place of worship looks like, and what you should expect from the leadership, as in the senior pastor and elders.So what does a good and healthy place of worship ...

  • S03 E05 - Tradition of Church

    S03 E05 - Tradition of Church

    This week we are continuing our look at the many aspects of church, and in this message we are going to look at the traditions of church. Why do we do what we do in a worship service.