Spiritual Coaches Changing Humanity: Transform your self-doubt into self-worth after leaving an unhealthy relationship with Special Guest Homeyra Faghihi

Spiritual Coaches Changing Humanity by Cheryl Stelte

Episode notes

Homeyra Faghihi is a Psychotherapist of over two decades. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and has a doctorate in Psychology.

Homeyra has years of experience with developing and offering group programs for women.

As a Social Worker and Therapist, Homeyra has helped women with all sorts of struggles, including intimate partner violence.

Homeyra is the founder of Power to the Self online coaching, and the creator of "Empowerment 4U" Blueprint.

Currently, she provides services to women as an Empowerment Coach. In this role, Homeyra serves women who have left an unhealthy relationship, to transform their self-doubt into self-worth.