Creole Narratives

by Fadia Patterson

Explore the fascinating world of Creole Narratives - a podcast that aims to amplify the rich stories of Haiti #AmplifyAyiti, the vibrant cultures of the Caribbean, and the Afro-Latin diaspora.

In this podcast, you can join the award-winning Tampa journalist, Fadia Patterson, as she sheds light on diverse perspectives and brings important issues to the forefront.

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Konpa, Kompa and Compas - Caleb Exantus Interview

    Konpa, Kompa and Compas - Caleb Exantus Interview

    Former Konpa Dancer of the Year - Caleb Exantus, is featured on the latest episode, 'Konpa, Kompa and Compas' of the Creole Narratives podcast! He said, “They think it’s all about Gouyad, but Konpa is more than that. It’s authentic, traditional. When you dance Konpa you are telling a story with your body.” During #CaribbeanHeritageMonth and #BlackMusicMonth, we celebrate the music genre and dance style called Kompa. The modern Méringue dance music of Haiti first became popular in the 1950s. Caleb Exantus is an instructor who shares how the dance links people to the rhythms, beats and soul of #Haiti We also learn more about the ‘Father of Konpa’ Musician and Artist Nemours Jean-Baptiste and his ties to #Tampa . Caleb is one of many Kompa dancers who have used social media to bring #konpa to the world.

  • Democracy vs. Demagoji - Harold Isaac Interview

    Democracy vs. Demagoji - Harold Isaac Interview

    Renowned Haitian journalist Harold Isaac joins the Creole Narratives podcast from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and analyzes the nation's recent developments over the past few weeks. Isaac and podcast host Fadia Patterson engage in a detailed discussion about Prime Minister Gary Conille's recent health scare while trying to build a new government, the ambush and murder of three members of the Haitian Police's Anti-gang (UTAG) unit, and the new Kenyan police deployment, which will now also include Kenyan ministers.

  • Family Reunion - Allen Sherwood Interview

    Family Reunion - Allen Sherwood Interview

    Let’s catch up on Haitian Flag Festivities, Caribbean Heritage Month, Kenyan Police Deployment, Haitian Airports Reopening, Tampa Man sentenced in the Assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise, and a Good Samaritan helping Citizens and those with Humanitarian Parole return to the U.S. from Haiti. On the latest episode, Host Fadia Patterson talks with Allen Sherwood who has completed several rescue missions to Haiti within the last two months.🇭🇹 When airports were closed, Sherwood chartered private jets to Haiti to bring American citizens, missionaries, and those on Humanitarian Parole back to the U.S. He says there are still more people waiting and wanting to leave, but the ongoing crisis has threatened his mission. Despite airports re-opening, he also says those who live in the most rural parts are at risk. #AmplifyAyiti

  • Si Nou Pa Ri Nou Pral Mouri - Kate Outlaw Interview

    Si Nou Pa Ri Nou Pral Mouri - Kate Outlaw Interview

    Kate Outlaw’s mantra, ‘Si Nou Pa Ri Nou Pral Mouri’ (If we don’t laugh, we will die), is a common theme in her social media posts and stories about Haiti. The mother, wife, influencer and medic of Haitian descent decided to #AmplifyAyiti with her strongest medicine — laughter. She was raised in both the U.S. and Haiti and was immersed in the culture and Creole language that she celebrates on her platform. She also uses the platform to share some hard truths about the state of Haiti today. Following the 2010 Haiti Earthquake Kate began her mobile medicine program in the most rural parts of the country. She’s also an advocate against child abuse and human trafficking.

  • More Than Meets The Eye - Octavio Jones Interview

    More Than Meets The Eye - Octavio Jones Interview

    Octavio Jones is a freelance visual journalist and documentary photographer based in the Tampa Bay area. Recently, he accepted his seventh assignment to work in Haiti, coinciding with the resignation of the Prime Minister, two prison breaks and the takeover of the capital, Port Au Prince, by gangs. Despite the challenges, Jones was able to cover the updates and recount some of the hurdles he faced as a journalist getting in and out of the country. Jones began his travels to Haiti after the earthquake in 2010 and has been covering stories there ever since. He delves into Haiti’s history and gives context to the images he has captured over the years. Jones’ work has been published by multiple local and national outlets.