S02 E30 - Gets to know....Galway Rape crisis centre

Collective Whisper podcast by Collective Whisper podcast
On this episode Simon speaks to Michelle Caulfield and Susan Costello from the Galway rape crisis centre.They speak about the great work that the GRCC does in helping victims of rape and sexual abuse and how they help educate young and old in matters of consent and sexual awareness amongst their peers,friends and future sexual partners.Se  ...  See more
Jun 20 2022

Simon K: Hello and welcome to the Collective Whisper podcast.
I am your host, Simon K, and today we have a great show lined up for you.
We have some amazing guests today.
We are going to be talking, talking to the Galway Rape Crisis Center.
And we'll have two special guests from there, Michelle Caulfield and Susan Costello, who both work with the Galwayl Rape Crisis Center for many years now.
And they're going to tell us all about how the organization is run and how they do their fundraising, how they get volunteers to help them, everything involved in the whole process.
And of course, also we're going to talk about the consequences of rape, the statistics of rape in this country and around the world, because rape is one of these things that is prevalent in society stil

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