S19 E09 - Salesforce Checkup: Are Your Companies Sales Healthy?

America's Healthcare Advocate by Cary Hall
In this episode, we talk about health, but in a different way. Join me with guest Dan Stalp of Sandler Sales Training as we discuss your company and your sales force and how to make it healthier.Dan has an amazing #sales #training program that is for managers, owners, and salespeople. Dan will teach us how to establish a #salesforce , alo  ...  See more
Mar 08 2023
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And now America's Healthcare Advocate, Cary Hall.

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Cary Hall
Hello, America. Welcome to America's Healthcare Advocate show Broadcasting Coast to coast across the USA. Our producer, Mr. Darren Wheel. I'm your host, Cary Hall. This is your show, America. Thank you for joining us and making us one of the most listened to talk shows throughout the United States. Our newest affiliate, KLIF 9 a.m. 1400 and FM, 99.3 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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Cary Hall
We're very happy to be in the Cornhusker state. I want to welcome them to America's Healthcare Advocate family. Also, we are getting a lot of traction on our podcast. We had 88,000 people view our podcast in the last 28 days. And so how would you find those? Well, h

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