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by Brooklyn Art Library

After 15 years of running The Sketchbook Project, we've accumulated over 50,000 sketchbooks that live in our permanent collection at Brooklyn Art Library. Our collection embodies the age old expression, "Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover!" Each kraft colored book that you pull down holds a story that is as unique as the individual. Part of the magic of our library is that you never know just what you'll find as you explore the b ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Success as a Burden

    Success as a Burden

    We need your help! We talk to our friend Chris Jobson about what we need from our community in order to keep our doors open.

  • In Conversation with Amber Vittoria

    In Conversation with Amber Vittoria

    We talk to artist and illustrator Amber Vittoria

  • "How can this be more weird?"

    "How can this be more weird?"

    We talked to artist Pepita Sandwich about her sketchbooks and making art work.

  • The Jealous Curator

    The Jealous Curator

    We chat with Danielle Krysa about becoming the Jealous Curator and how to get rid of your inner art critic.

  • Art as Therapy

    Art as Therapy

    We chat with artist Jordan Sondler about using art while dealing with mental health.