How Hip Hop is the Music of Diversity and Change

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Episode notes
We had the pleasure of sitting down with Khafre Jay, the Bay Area Hunters Point activist who is using his passion for music and community justice to make a difference. Khafre Jay is the founder of Hip Hop for Change, a revolutionary nonprofit Hip-Hop organization that has been recognized by several organizations.The conversation kicks off with Khafre Jay sharing his experience of wanting to write a song for a nonprofit. He was told no one would care about his music. Despite the harsh words, he wrote the song anyway and shared it with Green Peace. His members of the organization were impressed by his talents that the song ended up being featured in a video for the organization's donors. That was a breakthrough moment for Khafre Jay and his Hip Hop Activism. We then delve into the importance of helping others and meeting them on a human level, which i ...   ...  Read more