S01 E10 - How Hip Hop is the Music of Diversity and Change

Breaking Barriers: The DEI&B Podcast | Top RANK by Top RANK Talent Solutions
We had the pleasure of sitting down with Khafre Jay, the Bay Area Hunters Point activist who is using his passion for music and community justice to make a difference. Khafre Jay is the founder of Hip Hop for Change, a revolutionary nonprofit Hip-Hop organization that has been recognized by several organizations.The conversation kicks off  ...  See more
Apr 18 2023

I remember, I want to write a song for Greenpeace.
And I remember my boss, he's like,
they're not gonna care about that.
And I was like, I was kind of devastated.
I was like, what?
I was so hyped up about it.
I was really young.
I was like, you know, forget it, I'm gonna write it anyway.
So I wrote this song and I just so happened
that he's one of the few black people in that whole place.
I'm having to be one of the best fundraisers as well.
And I just happened to perform a really good relationship
with their ED at the time, Phil Radford.
Shout out brother.
And that man, he heard my rap and he was like,
yo, love it, man, love it.
He's a hip hop head too.
So next thing I know, they put my rap on the year
in capstone video that they give to all their donors.
Hey, it's Breaking Barriers,

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