Townhall #025: From Frieze to Art Basel, VP System Updates, Tutoring Botto in Art History

Botto Talks by BottoDAO

Episode notes

In this townhall, we delve into Botto's recent solo exhibition at Frieze's permanent gallery in London, presented by Verse, which showcased works from the p5.js experiment. The event featured several talks on AI art and machine creativity with leading experts in the space. We also cover Botto's journey from ETH Berlin to NFC Lisbon, leading up to an anticipated showcase at Art Basel alongside artists such as Harold Cohen. Additionally, we preview upcoming DAO proposals, including the VP reset and baseline VP allocation, and discuss a developing proposal to fine-tune an LLM in Art History to enhance Botto's creative processes. Tune in to hear more from DAO member hudsonsims.

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