E27 - Chatting With Tracy Shaw of Food Wine Sunshine and Healthy Family Project

The Bloggy Friends Show by Ashley Grant
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Apr 30 2022

Welcome to the Blog It Friends show!
What's up you guys?
Famous Ashley Grant here.
Today I have my very good friend Tracy Shaw from Food Wine Sunshine and Healthy Family
We're going to be talking all about what it's like to work not only for a brand but also
keep maintaining your own blog.
So Tracy, welcome to the show!
Thank you for having me.
I'm very excited to have you here.
So how's your day going today?
I'm not too bad actually.
I let my children skip school so they could go to the beach and then we have track meet
So this is a perfect break in the middle of the day of everything else so thank you.
That's awesome.
So okay, so that goes perfectly with the whole sunshine aspect of your blog.
So I get the impression based on the name of it that you like food, wine and su

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