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Pro Wrestling & Everything In-Between! Join our hosts Beard Villain Johnny Malloy & Pancakes (along with Executive Producer Boo Boo & Little Monster Binky) for their outrageous brand of pro wrestling, laughs, hi-jinx, greener grass, and staying positive! 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E03 - "Fuego Del Sol"

    S02 E03 - "Fuego Del Sol"Explicit

    The ASAP PODCAST is BACK FROM THE DEAD... well not really from the dead, more like from a long drawn out poop. We don't want to let the cats out of the bag, but we've got an episode full of wrestler name dropping.Everyone from Joe...

  • S02 E02 - "Only Fans"

    S02 E02 - "Only Fans" Explicit

    The ASAP PODCAST returns after a lengthy hiatus... and we do it for you, the fans... our ONLY FANS. Our hosts Beard Villain Johnny Malloy & Pancakes - Wrestler are back, along with Executive Producer @BooBoosCreek & Little Monster...

  • S02 E01 - "Who's Buying"

    S02 E01 - "Who's Buying"Explicit

    ASAP Podcast w/ Beard Villain Johnny Malloy & Pancakes (SEASON TWO - EPISODE 1)