Perseverance, Faith, and Fire: Matisyahu on His Latest EP and Life Journey

AltWire Podcast by Derek Oswald

Episode notes

In this episode of the AltWire podcast, host Derek Oswald sits down with Matisyahu to discuss his EP, 'Hold the Fire.' Matisyahu shares the inspiration behind his music, including a vivid dream that influenced his song "Fireproof". He reflects on his journey from a wilderness retreat to reconnecting with his Jewish roots and pursuing a music career. The conversation touches on themes of perseverance, spirituality, and the role of music in religious experiences. Matisyahu also offers his thoughts on the rising antisemitism over the past few years in the US, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and how the digital age has reshaped his creative process. Join us for an insightful discussion on resilience, faith, and artistic expression.

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