How to Turn a Video into a Podcast

As a content producer, it can feel impossible to keep up with the many, many ways people prefer to consume their content.

A blog post only reaches a certain audience, a video has the potential to reach another, and podcasts reach yet another.

And let’s not even get into the myriad social channels you can be utilizing.

It makes sense that in this competitive and fast-paced culture, you should make your content work as hard as possible for you.

So if you already have a video that’s performing well, how else can you rework its content?

Turning your video into a podcast is one simple way to make your content efforts go further — without a lot of extra work.

How to Turn a Video into a Podcast

Step 1 – Convert: Use a software, such as Kapwing or Audio Converter, that can convert your video into an MP3. Most programs make this process super simple. You’ll upload your file, indicate you want to make an MP3, and click convert. In moments, your new file will be ready.

Once you have the new file, download it to your computer. Now you’re ready to turn the file into a podcast.

Step 2 – Edit: You’ll likely need to edit your audio, since video is visual and not everything will make sense in an audio version. Some converter programs allow editing, or you can use a program like Audacity to cut parts out of the audio, add an intro and outro, and more. You may also want to clip out highlights to use in an Instagram post.

Step 3 – Artwork: You’ll also need a piece of art for your podcast. This should be a square: 1400×1400 pixels. You can create this for free on a program like Canva or even within Kapwing. This thumbnail will accompany your podcast channel, so make sure it’s clear, eye catching, and includes the name of your podcast.

Step 4 – Upload to Your Host: Upload your file and artwork to your podcasting host. A good host will generate and update your podcast feed automatically, while also providing you with a dynamic website where your podcasts can live.

Step 5 – Submit to Directories: Finally, submit your podcast to directories, such as the Apple Podcast Store, so your podcast can be found and enjoyed by people in whatever ways they choose to listen!

Tips for Promoting Your Podcast

Your podcast isn’t going to do much good if nobody is listening to it. So make sure you have a plan for promoting it to your audience.

Use social media, and make it easy for people to share about you by creating beautiful images about your podcast. Share soundbite clips. Tease your social media audience about your podcast episode ahead of time.

Provide a transcript of your episode on your website so people can read it, and also so search engines will lead people to you.

Invite guests onto your show, and ask them to promote the show to their audiences.

Likewise, ask to be a guest on other shows so people can get to know you.

Be sincere with your audience so they’ll feel loyal to you and will eagerly await future episodes.



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