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Shannon "Shan Man" Hernandez

In this episode we’re having a candid conversation about burnout, mental health, and podfading with podcast consultant and radio pro Shannon Hernandez.

Dr. Mark T. Wade, founder of Virtual Summits Software and host of the top-rated Virtual Summit Podcas

In this episode, we’re chatting about virtual summits for podcasters with Dr. Mark Wade, founder of Virtual Summits Software and host of the Virtual Summit Podcast.

The Podcast Accelerator's Ginni Saraswati

Podcast Accelerator’s Ginni Saraswati talks to us about her podcasting journey, and the mindset, motivation, and what you need to get started in podcasting.

podfest chris krimitsos

Podfest’s Chris Krimitsos gives us the behind the scenes scoop on how the conference came to be and what the future holds.

Isaac Mashman of Mashman Ventures

In this episode, Isaac Mashman of Mashman Ventures teaches us how to use HARO to market a podcast and grow your audience.

Patrick Strevens of North Bank Media Podcast

Patrick Strevens committed to 100 podcast episodes in a single calendar year. Learn about the lessons he learned along the way!

Jared Easley, the co-founder of Podcast Movement

In this episode, we speak with Jared Easley, the co-founder of Podcast Movement on all the things about the conference, community, and more!

Bess Auer on Community Building

In this episode, Bess Auer, the founder of Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference talks about why communities are so important for podcasters.

Sah D' Simone

In this episode, Sah D’ Simone discusses his heart based healing movement in which joy and authenticity, eliminate the path to enlightenment.

Alexandra Fasulo of The Freelance Fairytales

In this episode, Alexandra Fasulo of The Freelance Fairytales talks about how she got started in podcasting and how you can too

Josh Elledge of UpMyInfluence

In this episode, Josh Elledge, the CEO of UpMyInfluence discusses how to leverage podcast guest appearances to build your brand and business.

Deepti Ahuja is a Podcast Producer with HTSmartCast

In this episode, Deepti Ahuja with HTSmartCast discusses the advantages of hiring a podcast producer to create high-quality content.

Ben Richardson & Alberto Betella of RSS.com

In this episode, the founders of RSS.com, Ben Richardson and Alberto Betella share their journey of building RSS.com.

Ben Richardson and Alberto Betella of RSS.com

In part two of the History of RSS.com, Ben Richardson and Alberto Betella talk about why you should start podcasting.

Kate Erickson Podcast Processes

In this episode, Kate Erickson of Entrepreneurs on Fire talks about her processes for recurring podcasting tasks

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