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In this episode of Podcasting 101 with, we speak with podcaster Sah D’Simone. Sah is a spiritual revolutionary, artful guide, international transformational speaker, best-selling author, and creator of The Sah Method spiritual workout. 

Who is Sah D’Simone?

Ashley 0:15
Sah, welcome to the show. I’m so excited you could be here. Could you tell us a little bit about what it is you do?

Sah D’Simone 0:40
Well, thank you so much for having me. It’s such an honor and a joy to be here. What do I do? Oh, my goodness. So, what I’m doing – let me try to be as simple and as casual about it as possible. I am a seeker. I am a teacher, I am a speaker. So I write and I teach and I guide people to rediscover their hearts to do a long journey from the mind into the heart. And the way that looks like is through content on social media through the podcast – the Spiritually Sassy show, through my books, and through you know, talks and workshops all around the world.

Sah D’Simone 1:23
So my work is about teaching people to, to find poetry in their pain, to find a smile in their trauma. And once they actualize that smile and to live poetically, then they start to share that joy and that poetry with everyone around them. I call that living as a blessing factory, or a miracle worker, because we all have those people in our lives that when we are around them, we just feel so relaxed, they have to do they don’t have to do anything or, or say anything, it was just all of a sudden like that is my goal with my work is to help people become those people in their lives.

Ashley 2:07
I love that. I absolutely love that now. So I read your book, a little bit of it. And so I know that you used to think that you had to like, get quiet and find your spirituality in the quiet, but then it totally transformed into what it is today. So can you tell us a little bit about that? And when the podcast became part of the journey?

The Inspiration Behind Spiritually Sassy

Sah D’Simone 2:29
Oh, yes, I love this question. You know, and it’s, it is like, part of the process is about getting quiet. And then what we what happens a lot of times, and I was you know, I wrote about this in a book too, and I speak about this often, I realized that it isn’t about living as I call the zombies Zen you know, how we equate spiritual seekers and spiritual teachers, as the zombies then you have to talk like this, you have to, you know, look like that you have to wear these kinds of clothes, they have to do these kinds of things.

Sah D’Simone 3:02
And, and, this kind of forced seriousness is so imposed on the spiritual Seeker, and oh, my goodness, a spiritual guide could never do any of the things that I do right, according to, to some people. But then I realized that, you know, my most transformative experiences with my spiritual teachers, in very traditional settings like India, and Nepal, and monasteries and ashrams, in these parts of the world, the most transformative transformative experiences happened, with joy, with laughter, with humor, with playfulness with this lightheartedness.

Sah D’Simone 3:41
But I felt that I couldn’t let my freak flag fly, I couldn’t let my sassy nature fly, because I thought that that was not spiritual. And then I had this, this revelatory moment where I was like, no, you do need to get quiet. But then once you, once you experience that peace, and the in the that that arises from from from being quiet and going inward, then it’s really about you, you know, showing the world what freedom looks like and freedom, that it’s the outer, the outward expression of freedom looks different for everybody. For me, it’s bold, loud, fears, you know, being androgynous and and really expressing my queerness. For other people who look different, you may be a little bit more quiet, a little bit more, more subdued in a variety of different ways. But the inner experience of freedom is the same for everybody.

Spiritually Sassy is a Permission Slip to Be Free

Sah D’Simone 4:32
So it’s, I am a permission slip for people to recognize that once they glimpse and experience this inner freedom, then the outward expression, if it’s gonna look freaky, and sassy, and bold, and loud, and flamboyant, that’s okay too. Doesn’t matter what some people on a spiritual path have said to you that that does not equate liberation. I’m here to say that it does, because I’m living proof of it, proof of it. And, of course with the blessing from people from my lineage and my training too that’s like, Joy’s the way to liberation.

Sah D’Simone 5:08
And, you know, then to talk about the Spiritually Sassy show, the podcast, which first of all, I’m so grateful for your platform. I am so grateful for everyone who’s listening to this show when making the show such a success in such a short amount of time. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. You know, what’s happened is, it’s, I needed another outlet, to, to express my creativity, and to also communicate with other people in the space. And to have hard conversations with people in the space. You know, I talk a lot about, about, I have a set of questions that on the podcast that I ask every guest.

Sah D’Simone 5:48
And a lot of times when I realized, like, Oh, my God, the conversation I have with my friends, when we’re just hanging out at home, they should be recorded. Because these conversation’s so transformative, they’re like, it’s so enlightening. They need to be loaner record, people need to listen to these things. And that’s another thing that I realized, like, okay, like, let’s use the platform of a podcast for this long form content. And then let’s talk about specific questions that oftentimes, you know, sometimes when, when you are, you know, engaging with people, you may talk about specific things.

Sah D’Simone 6:19
Or you may, you know, kind of just have more casual conversations sometimes. But I wanted to utilize the fact that I have access to so many amazing people to ask them really, really deep, powerful questions. And one question that I asked, every guest on the show, is a question of forgiveness. How does forgiveness play a role in your life? And the answers are like, Oh, they’re just amazing, you know? So that’s a little bit about it.

Ashley 6:48
That’s that’s pretty wild. I mean, and some of the episodes that you’ve had, I mean, you’ve had some pretty amazing people like you had, oh, goodness, how do you, Sophia? The girl so yes, yes. Cameron. So yeah, you had her? And I mean, it’s just like in the questions you ask, are not your typical questions that you would hear on a podcast? Because they go, like you said, so much deeper. So I’m curious, how do you find your guests?

How Sah Finds Podcast Guests

Sah D’Simone 7:12
I find my guests through, you know, people that I’m inspired by. People that like, I look around, and I’m inspired by and we’re the podcast at a point now that we get people every single day asking to be on the show.

Sah D’Simone 7:26
And some people are really inspired by, like, the other day, we had Sri Sri Gurudev. Sri Sri, his sort of name in the space more publicly as Gurudev, but the, the sort of longer name is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. And he’s, uh, you know, he’s, he’s gotten, has like 450 million disciples, and he’s done work in the prisons and he’s had over 100,000 people do these practices in the prison system.

Sah D’Simone 7:55
The dude is established in such a massive way, in and I had, you know, someone from his team reached out to me asking if he could be on the podcast. And I was like, Oh, of course. Hello, love it. Let’s talk about the real, real, real stuff. So it varies, you know. Sometimes I have people reaching out to me, and I think that they’re really interesting.

Sah D’Simone 8:13
Sometimes I have, most of the time I have my team reach out to people that I, I know, personally, like Sophia, or people that I, that I’m really inspired by, like, we had Julia Cameron on the show, who wrote The Artist’s Way. You know, her book has casually sold over 5 million copies. And, you know, she really is the queen of creativity as the New York Times calls her. So I’ve had her on the show. I mean, there’s. I and I actually am a little bit wild. I’ve batched recorded, so I recorded episodes for an entire year. So this year, I’m just doing a couple of people that I’m really, really inspired by. So I have episodes launching all through this year.

Ashley 8:53
Okay, so you batch. That is awesome. So, what does that process look like for you? Like do you just like, schedule everybody and then tell them okay, we’re gonna just go, or how does that work for you?

Batching and Loving to Talk Are Keys to Podcast Productivity

Sah D’Simone 9:03
It is freaking wild, to be honest. But the good thing is that I love talking. I love getting to know people. The beautiful thing about having a podcast is that for anyone who has a podcast, you’re talking to people and you’re listening to yourself talk, so you’re learning so much about yourself, and you learn so much about your guests. So there’s this enormous educational and inspirational component to it.

Sah D’Simone 9:28
During the batch process, was, was partly because I wanted to take a break, you know. I closed the Spiritually Sassy School, which a lot of people are upset about but I needed to, you know, realign with my vows, realign with my purpose, realign with my message. So I decided let’s record episodes, enough episodes for an entire year so I can spend more time in prayer.

Sah D’Simone 9:51
Spend more time in meditation, spend more time dancing, spend more time doing service that I don’t, that I don’t get anything in return. You know, oftentimes with an agent of my work, like anyone’s work, we do need a monetary support to keep going. But a huge part of my mission is to help people who are in rehabilitation centers in places like Nepal, in, in a rehab center in Katmandu, and now here in Bali, where I’m currently living, and I don’t get paid to teach at the, at the rehab center in Nepal, Kathmandu, and working with the kids here at an orphan center in Bali, Indonesia, too. It’s like, I want to shift, I want to, and I am, and I have already, more and more of my work to be helping people who are, who have nothing, you know. Cause I’ve been so, so comic blast to work with these global celebrities and do things in a really large, beautiful scale, and get very well, financially supported for that.

Sah D’Simone 10:53
So all of that money, and all of that is to really funnel the resources for the people who have really nothing, you know?

Ashley 11:01
Okay, that was a lot. So I got to unpack a little bit. So, you said something that struck a chord with me, because I’ve been watching your Tik Toks, and so you said dancing? When did the dancing evolved into this whole Spiritually Sassy moment?

Sah D’Simone 11:18
Oh, my goodness, thank you for this question. Okay, that’s great. So, dancing. So, you know, I was, I was in a panel, and some women, powerful women, like from a big museum in New York, she says, “So if I’m gathering this correctly, you dancing on social media, it is your way of seducing people to take care of themselves?” And I was like, you know what, I think that’s it. Because when I’m dancing, I’m emanating so much joy. And that joy activates your joy, the viewer, who the audience, the who’s, who’s watching the contents activate their joy.

Sah D’Simone 11:56
And then when they read the caption, on Tik Tok, the captions are, are so, excuse me, so short. But on Instagram, I’m able to actually write a really beautiful text, that are like, it’s inspiring, and educational. And the whole, the direction of that work is to get people to actually recognize that no one’s coming to save them, you know. You got to save yourself. No one can walk the path from the mind into the heart besides you. Some people like myself and other guides, and, and yogis, and mystics on the path can help you on that journey. But you got to walk the journey by yourself. It’s alone together, right? I say this a lot, alone together.

Dancing Can Be Spiritual

Sah D’Simone 12:35
That’s what the spiritual journey is like. So dancing became, you know what she said, I love what she reflected on, but the truth of it, I realized that I love to dance. And then I would bring the intention of I’m gonna dance my anger out. I’m gonna dance my depression away. I’m gonna dance my anxiety away. And I would bring this intention to the actual movement practice. And it would work, you know. I would meditate first, I would pray, and I would bring the kind of prayer and intentionality of meditation into the dance. And I would finish the dance and I was like, Oh, my God, this is a healing tool. And then you look at all the research behind dance has been part of, a part of humanity. You know, we danced before we spoke, you know, we danced before we wrote.

Sah D’Simone 13:24
So, and I realized how healing dance has been for me, and then the sun method or the spiritual workout or the or the the spiritual dance, or the Spiritually Sassy, then sproc this. People call it a variety of different ways, was born out of me posting this intentional spiritual dance on Instagram, but not having language for it. I was just doing it, you know, and writing these really informative captions, about suicide rates, about mental health, about spirituality.

Sah D’Simone 13:55
And then something wild happens with consistency and repetition, beautiful things happen. For all of you who are thinking about starting a podcast, consistency, and repetition of a you know, like really, that will support you to actually grow your show and create something of impact. But through repetition and consistency of me posting these dance videos on, on social media, Deepak Chopra’s team casually reached out to me and said, “Honey, we love what you’re doing on social media can we meet?” And I arrived at their office in New York City, and it was like, wild dream come true. Because it’s Deepak Chopra. I mean, hello, honey. And they said, okay, we want you to teach that practice on a retreat with Deepak.

Sah D’Simone 14:39
And I was like, oh, casual. Now I have to like, give a meaning, a name and I have to like, create a whole philosophy and psychology behind this, this, this dance practice that I’ve just been doing for my own liberation. But it was very easy to create language for it, because I could actually feel the tangible benefits of the practice, you know. So the, the Spiritually Sassy dance practice, has dance, of course, has meditation involved, has mantra practice, and has breath practice.

Sah D’Simone 15:08
So these four practices are there to activate the four qualities in our heart, according to Buddhist psychology, which are love, compassion, joy, wisdom. And who doesn’t want more love, joy, compassion, wisdom in their lives? So the practice is you activate these four practice, these four qualities in your heart, and then again, you enter the world emanating these qualities. So that’s how dance came about. And then I, you know, created a whole, a whole philosophy behind it, and I attached a lot of I, you know, did a lot of inner reflection and a lot of inner research to, to actually create a movement language that helps people. So that’s that.

Dance Parties Can Unlock Creativity

Ashley 15:50
I don’t know, I don’t know if you’re familiar with Natalie MacNeil of She Takes on the World. But before every webinar, she does a dance party. And then, there are times where she’ll do a dance party before she’s about to, like, create something for her business. And so she’ll be like, okay, she’ll tell her assistants I need, I need just a little bit of time, I gotta go dance. And then she’ll come back, and she’ll be like, I can see it and it’s beautiful. Because it’s so freeing, right? It opens your mind, it opens your creativity, it gets all those juices flowing. And so I’m curious with the Tik Tok and with Instagram, with all the dancing, does that bring people to your podcast? Or is that just one of the many avenues that people find you from?

Sah D’Simone 16:30
It does. I mean, I think, I think people love, it’s so funny to say this out loud, but people love, you know, doing sort of mundane chores and listening to me talk. And I think podcasts are really good for that. And at the same time, I invite people to try to listen to the podcast, you know, while you’re laying down in your bed and not doing anything else. Or going for a walk and not checking social media and, and you know, just kind of trying to do, make it intentional. So, you know, I think the podcast is like, it was, it’s honestly one of the best things that I’ve created, because I’m so happy with every episode. And I’m so happy with the conversations and the feedback and all the things. I’m just like, yes, yes, yes, yes. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ashley 17:19
Well, I’m like, every episode, I mean, this is gonna sound cheesy, I’m sure. But I don’t care. So to me, it’s like every episode you have is almost like a gift to yourself. It’s giving you time with yourself to not only listen to the words that you’re saying, but reflect on how they affect your body, how they affect your mind and your path. And so that’s why I love it just so so much. So I’m curious, though, with like monetization, you had mentioned that it became very successful very fast. What avenues are you using to monetize the podcast?

Podcast Monetization

Sah D’Simone 17:49
So I am coming from a different angle, because I launched a podcast when I already had a really large following. And a large newsletter. And I had a whole marketing team, and a manager and an agent. And so I’m, you know, what I’m going to share, perhaps isn’t, you know, people’s experience if they’re launching it from the ground up. But here’s a couple things. They’re very helpful for anyone, wherever you are. The way monetization happened for me, is I was already doing a lot of content for other brands on social media. I was already speaking for other brands.

Sah D’Simone 18:26
I was already going to other companies and doing, you know, different things for other companies. So it just became kind of an easier thing to just say, hey, I can come speak, I can come to this talk. And then what about you, you advertise on a podcast? And what about, we, you sponsor this dance practice that I’m going to have. So we were able to do this kind of integrated marketing, where I’ll post on social media, I’ll mention in my newsletter, I will do something for your company, and then you sponsor the episode. So it was this integrated marketing approach to it. So I just reached out, my team reached out to a lot of the brands that I had already worked with, in the past, to then sponsor the podcast. So that was, if you already have sort of a built-in community, and you already have brands that you’re working with, just reach out to them and see if they want to sponsor the episode, the show.

Sah D’Simone 19:15
So that’s one side. On the other side, get affiliates. Find brands that you love what they do, that are very well established, that are already doing big things. I think we often feel like we have to recreate the wheel. Some people created the wheel and it’s moving smoothly. Don’t think you need to recreate that thing. Work with them and create your own wheel. Create your own thing after. So the affiliate stuff is very important. Reach out to brands, that, companies that have amazing affiliate programs, and then incorporate different affiliate links throughout the show, you know. At the beginning, in the middle, in the end, perhaps, too. But work with affiliate and reach out to them and say, hey, I’m doing something unique on my show, I think your brand could really use this.

Sah D’Simone 20:03
And if your affiliate is this amount, for, for regularly, why don’t we up to this for my company. So I’ve done affiliate for a variety of different people. And, and it’s, it’s amazing because you are always going to have someone clicking on that link and being interested in it. But most important with any brand partnership, this is like, I was like, going, moving on without saying this. With every brand partnership, and with every sponsorship, with every affiliate, you must see if they have integrity about their brand and their business the same way that you do. They must have integrity, they must be doing something of benefit into the world that will help me have a full body ‘yes’ when I’m working with a brand. Instead of like, maybe it’s really well paid, but maybe. It’s just if it’s a maybe it’s a hell no for me. When there’s like, full integrity, it’s a hell yeah.

Ashley 21:02
Okay, that makes complete sense. And I’m so glad you said that. Because so many people, whenever they start podcasting, they think, oh, okay, I got to create merch, or I got to create digital products. And it’s like, no, you don’t, you can start with affiliate products and be a partner. And I also like what you said about making sure that it’s someone who has integrity, because far too many people are only looking at the paycheck. They’re not looking at whether or not it aligns with their values. And so I’m, I’m just so glad you said all of that. That’s fantastic. So what are you doing right now to promote your podcast, if anything?

Sah D’Simone 21:33
Oh, we’re doing so much. We are doing a newsletter. And we promote on Instagram every Sunday. I, you know, most regularly I post an audiogram on my grid. I post multiple stories. We send all the promotional material to every guest that was on the show too, for them to promote to. And I think that’s kind of it. It’s and I just regularly you know, promote the episode because, the episodes, because I’m just so proud of the work. I’m just so proud of where we put it, what we’re putting out there, you know. It’s, it’s, it’s really amazing, juicy, delicious conversations that are, that move me deeply. And, you know, it’s just like, I’m just proud of the work and when you’re proud of the work, you feel excited to share.

Ashley 22:30
I love that. So now, do your guests like, do you find that they often are willing to promote? Or do you ever have trouble getting the guests to promote the episodes too?

Making an Impact

Sah D’Simone 22:40
You know that’s a good question. And to be honest, I don’t really care. I feel like if the guest promotes, great. If they don’t, great. I feel like my community, is, is like really loving what I’m doing, and they’re coming to me for a very unique experience of spirituality. So therefore, I feel like if the guest promotes, great. But it’s really like, you know, and to be honest, yeah, I have these, these big superstars in the podcast, with, with a lot more followers than I do. But oftentimes, it’s just people who are living with enormous integrity, who are actually devoted to healing, who are actually devoted to making the world a better place.

Consistency is Everything

Sah D’Simone 23:18
So I don’t care how many followers my guests have. I don’t care about the size of their newsletter, I don’t care about any of that stuff. I just care about the guests having something of value to offer the audience. So if they share, great. If they don’t, great. We’re doing our part, you know, and I also have to say that like, again, consistency will get you to be ranked on, on the, on the, on the on the on the platforms, and you have to ask the audience to subscribe, to reveal to, you know, to to do all the things and to share with their friends, you know. So give a, create a little outro that says, if you love the show, please subscribe, review, send it to your friends, your family, you know. Like, you know, like, don’t be afraid of, of, of, you know, letting people know that you’re excited about what you created. I think we live in a society of like, you know, of being like, so critical of other people and so much judgment and so much envy and jealousy.

Sah D’Simone 24:20
So you just got to remember that people who are spilling out, who are being judgmental or critical, or, or just you know, like plainly mean about what you’re creating, they’re in pain. Because someone is at peace with themselves, they would never speak pain into the world or cause pain to another human ever. It’s just like a natural law. You recognize that? You know, we are each other and we are, we are really like interdependent and interconnected across every mystical tradition, you know this. So if you’re at peace, you recognize our interdependence, therefore, harming them, it’s harming yourself. So that goes with the podcast too. If you’re, you know, boldly and loudly and excited about sharing your podcasts, and people start being sort of mean and vicious about it and you start to feel down, just recognize that they’re in pain. So when we’re hurt, we hurt others. More peace, we bring peace into the world. So don’t, don’t get attached to it, let it come and let it pass. You know, just keep, just keep going. Keep being bold about it and fierce about it.

Ashley 25:20
It’s interesting you say that, because you had a video you did recently, where you were basically responding to one of your haters. And it was fascinating that your community is so positive, that they were like, yeah, we want what you got. So it’s kind of interesting to me how like, even though you do have people that are giving you the, you know, the hate, you come out of it with such positivity, and it’s just beautiful.

Sah D’Simone 25:45
Years in the making, though, years in the making. That’s not to say that at the beginning of me, you know, coming out as queer and really embracing that I’m brown, and I’m queer, oh, my god, like I’m statistically not meant to succeed in a society that’s, you know, very. That’s saying that that is a norm, that isn’t, that isn’t the highest vision that isn’t the, you know, the vision of beauty and success. But, so at the beginning, I was, you know, responding to pain with more pain. So it’s years in the making to get to a point where I’m actually able to see someone being hateful and recognize that they just need to be loved and cared for.

Sah D’Simone 26:24
And perhaps I don’t have the love and care, that I don’t have the tools and resources to offer them the love and care that they need. But perhaps I know someone who does, perhaps I can recommend them to somebody, perhaps I can just point that person to someone you know, so oftentimes with compassion, and it’s really about, you know, not entering into a mindset of hate back, but truly recognize that that person needs to be alleviated from their suffering the same way that we do, and sometimes we don’t have the resource. So get out of the way and find a way to offer resources, someone else’s resource so that person is causing pain. Does that make sense?

Ashley 27:00
Yes, it does. Absolutely. And it reminds me of Denise Duffield Thomas, I don’t know if you’re familiar with her to cut this part out, but she’s known as Lucky Bitch online. But she often says if you can’t forgive someone, then talk to them as if you’re talking to the child version of them. You know, that way you’re not looking at them as the mean adult that they are. You’re looking at them as the helpless child who was hurt.

Sah D’Simone 27:22
That’s right. Yeah. And I love that.

Ashley 27:25
Yeah so, um, yeah, you’ve done a lot. I mean, you have a lot of episodes, you keep showing up in our community pages. I mean, you’re on fire. But I have to ask you, do you think it’s because of the niche that you chose? Not that you didn’t go seeking that niche? It, it sounds like it found you. But do you think it’s your niche that is making you successful?

Look for Inspiration

Sah D’Simone 27:45
Yes, absolutely. I think, I think so. And I think it’s, I say this often to people, I was just talking to my partner earlier today. It’s like, for people who are wanting to express themselves creatively. Yes, look around, being inspired by other people and then pause. And then go inside, close your eyes, journal about it.

Sah D’Simone 28:07
Let your own muse you know, orient your life, orient your words, orient your creativity. You know, do a practice that will, that will awaken the inner muse, the inner creative muse for yourself, and then allow her to orient you next step, your next thoughts, your next words, you know. So I think for anyone who’s starting a podcast now and wanting to create something, of value, something that’s impactful, look around people, what other people are doing, get inspired by them, and then say, okay, I have taken this week to do research.

Sah D’Simone 28:40
Now I’m going to take the next three weeks to cultivate and tickle and flirt with the muse that lives in my heart. What can I do to bring the muse to life. You know. Dance, meditate, pray, go be of service, go laugh, you know, garden. There’s a variety of different things you could do to activate the muse. And then during those moments of, of, of activation, and dancing with the muse, you’re gonna hear the whispers from the heart. The muse will speak to you and say, this is what the podcast should be about, and these are the questions you should ask.

Sah D’Simone 29:12
I love asking specific questions on the show, and I of course, also love, you know, having tailoring questions because my team does the research on the guests, and then they send me all the questions that the guests wants me to ask them, and then they send me questions that they researched the guests, the questions based on what they researched the guest, and then I also have my own intuitive hits and intuitive downloads of what I need to ask the guest. So it’s, it’s a, it’s a, there is, there’s quite a bit of moving parts that happen behind every episode, you know.

Ashley 29:46
So you get those goddess winks while you’re talking to them. That’s right. Yes. I love it. Okay, well, so what do you see for the future of your podcast?

Sah D’Simone 29:57
What do we see for the future of the podcasts? One thing that we’re launching soon is more of my life updates. You know, I think that’s people are. Since I’ve left Los Angeles and I went nomadic, me and my partner has gone nomadic. We put our house in storage, and we got rid of the car and we just decided to live nomadically in the place around the world. So what we did, we recorded an episode last week, so I’m going to go back to recording now. Mostly live updates, and it’s really like, it’s not just me telling, hi, I hiked a volcano. Hey, I went to this water temple. Oh my god, I met an Oracle.

Focusing on Positivity

Sah D’Simone 30:38

Oh my god, there was a snake in my kitchen. It’s not that, you know, only it’s that the like, what did they learn from hiking a volcano at four o’clock in the morning on New Year’s Eve? Like what did I learn from, from median Oracle and going to a water temple. What was it like to wake up and have a huge snake in the kitchen, you know, cause I live in a jungle and it’s an open kitchen, so things like that happen, you know. Monkeys come, snakes come, all kinds of, of lizards, all kinds of size, they just show up. So it’s live updates. It’s something that I think the community is wanting. And I also, you know, is reflecting on it through a psychological sort of evidence based and spiritual perspective, too. When we retell the things that we like about our day, restructure the architecture of our brain, water the seeds of positivity, and relaxation and gratitude in our mind, and it opens our heart.

Sah D’Simone 31:39
So this is why journaling, gratitude journaling, you know, things you’re grateful for in a day, or the things that happen to your day that you’re happy about. You know, the good things that you’ve done. Talking about them regularly reinforces, at an, at a physiological level in your brain, and of course, psychologically in the mind, and spiritually in the heart. So those life updates are both an offering to the community, and also an offering for me to, to, you know, remember and, and really feel energized and to, you know, carry those memories with the little, you know, little tighter closer to me, you know. Because we have the negativity bias, you know, wired into our brain, wired into our mind. So therefore, we are constantly just looking out for the negatives, and only remember the negative parts of our life, and not really focusing so much on the, on the good things that happen. So life updates are coming to you.

Ashley 32:33
And what is it they say the, the lizard brain, it’s such a hater. Right? Now, I have at least, I have at least five people that I know that are going to be very upset with me if I don’t ask you this. How did the Cardi B thing happen?

Sah D’Simone 32:47
Oh, yes. So the Cardi B happened the same way that the Kanye West thing happened. It’s like, they find me, you know, and it’s, and then it’s many talks, many talks, many contracts, many things I can’t say anything about you know. And it’s, someone reached out to you on email, or someone introduces you because they like your work to, to them. And, and then it was months in the making, for, for me to come and film with Cardi B that day. We’re trying to figure out like, what will be the best healing practice for her and for the show?

Sah D’Simone 33:30
What’s something that would, that would, that would look beautiful, that would feel energizing and healing for her. And then we changed the practice a few times, because you know, Cardi was pregnant while we’re filming the episode. And, but I, if there’s one thing that I always, you know, speak to people knows the first thing that kind of set me off to go, you know, live in India, Nepal years ago, in the spring of 2014 was forgiveness. I didn’t know how to forgive myself.

Sah D’Simone 34:00
And I didn’t know how to forgive other people. And I didn’t know how to ask for forgiveness, you know, I had been trained and I think, you know, people could relate to this, to act in a polar opposite of letting go and making peace with the past and recognize that my mistakes, and not make, the not me, are not who I am. And people’s miss, the way people have caused me pain, that behavior isn’t who they are, although we see as behavior as someone is at the base of their being. So it was through the practice of forgiveness that I realized that like, you know, we’re not our mistakes.

Sah D’Simone 34:33
And we actually have the choice to stop the cycle of pain going forward. And forgiving as a gift to yourself. And I mean, yada yada. I can talk about forgiveness for hours and hours and hours. But when I thought about what is one thing, though, I would like to offer Cardi B and the huge audience was forgiveness. And how do we make forgiveness cool and appealing? It was doing a, an art ritual. Where we’re painting using-

Ashley 35:02
Which was my favorite part of that episode by the way, I don’t mean to interrupt, but that was my favorite. Watching y’all paint, that was my favorite part of the episode. Um, for anybody who’s listening to this who has no idea what we’re talking about Sah got this amazing opportunity to actually do a healing practice with Cardi B and it’s on Facebook right now and we’ll definitely leave a link down below because it’s an epic video.

Sah D’Simone 35:23
Oh, thank you, honey. Yeah, so it was an amazing opportunity to share forgiveness. I said, you know if, if whatever, however, it goes down a day, at least I am happy that I was able to share a forgiveness practice with such a legendary iconic star. And you know, you, you watch her having resistance to the first part of the, of the, of the forgiveness ritual. And then she comes in full circle and says, you know, she says those words, forgiving them as a gift to myself, you know. I feel more at peace and so you know, give yourself the, the laugh and, and go watch the episode.

Ashley 36:00
Oh, it’s a fantastic episode. Well, I’m gonna ask you the one thing that I asked everyone, what is one thing that I didn’t ask you, you really wish I had?

Sah D’Simone 36:09
Oh, my God, honey.

Ashley 36:14
Put you on the spot there.

Sah D’Simone 36:15
I know. One thing you didn’t ask me that I wish you did. About my painting practice. my personal painting practice that I’m looking at my painting right now. I haven’t painted in 20 years. But I started since moving to Bali, and I’m painting. You know, I’m really using creativity as I use with Cardi to express my heart to, you know, really heal my relationship to my past. To anchor myself more in the present moment. And I’m not a painter, and I don’t have traditional training. I’m just looking at it like, oh my goodness, honey, that’s a mess. But I’m just happy with the, my choice to create with my pain, to use it as inspiration for liberation, you know.

Ashley 37:00
The one message that, the one message that keeps coming through is forgiveness. But is there any other message you really want to leave with the listeners of this episode?

Sah D’Simone 37:10
One other message that I wish to leave with the listeners of the episodes.

Ashley 37:18
I’m putting you on the spot left and right.

Sah D’Simone 37:19
I know, yeah. And I don’t do well with that either. And when people have like those fire rapid fire questions, I’m like, honey, I can’t do it. I asked my team to like, make sure to cut that out of every episode, cause I’m like, okay, I don’t know.

Ashley 37:28
If you want we can cut it.

Sah D’Simone 37:31
No, no no. What’s one message I can leave with people? It’s, um, I think we should just, you know, emphasize the importance of learning to forgive yourself, forgive others and ask for forgiveness and recognize that forgiveness is the nectar of presence, and it’s the gateway to unconditional love. So if you want to experience genuine self care, learn to forgive yourself.

Ashley 37:59
Well, my fellow podcasters, I hope you enjoyed all the amazing insights that Sah D’Simone had to offer. To learn more about launching and growing your own podcast, visit us at You can get started for free by getting your first episode on us. Thanks for tuning in.

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