E17 - A Chat with Steve Olsher of Podcast Magazine

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In this episode we're chatting with Steve Olsher of Podcast Magazine. We discuss visibility in podcasting, where the future of the industry is headed, how to succeed in this medium, and a lot more. Enjoy the show!Podcast Magazine's Links:Website -- https://podcastmagazine.com/Twitter -- https://twitter.com/thepodcastmagFacebook -- https:/  ...  See more
Sep 28 2022

Episode 17 - A Chat with Steve Olsher of Podcast Magazine

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Ashley Grant: 00:15
Hey everyone, Ashley here with RSS.com. On today's episode, we're talking to Steve Olsher, who is the founder and creator of Podcast Magazine. Enjoy the show. All right. Well, Steve, welcome to the show. I'm so excited, you could be here. Could you do us a favor and tell us what it is you do?

Steve Olsher 00:31
Depends on the day. For today we're talking about podcast magazine. So I am the founder and Editor in-chief of Podcast Magazine and a podcaster. And Whoo, I think I did my first episode in 2009. Wow.

Ashley Grant: 00:46
So you're like an OG in the podcasting world.

Steve Olsher 00:50
Yeah, n

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