How to Redirect Your Podcast to

When you’re getting started with podcasting, there’s a lot to consider. Choosing the perfect podcast hosting company is just one of the many choices you’ll have to make.

There’s a good chance if you’re here, you’re ready to move to a new podcast host. 

In this post, we’ll share how to redirect your podcast to in four simple steps.

It couldn’t be easier and your followers won’t notice a thing. Plus you’ll get 6 months of free service!

Step 1. Go to's Podcast Redirect Tool

switch to

You can access our podcast redirect tool from our homepage by clicking  “Switch to” at the top of the page, or by clicking here:

Step 2. Enter Your Podcast's RSS Feed Address

Regardless of who is hosting your podcast right now, simply add the name of your podcast or the RSS feed of your podcast into the field. Then, click “Switch my podcast.”

Step 3. Add Your Email Address

enter the email address associated with your podcast
Add the email address you used to sign up with your current podcast host and click “Let’s go!”

Step 4. Will Take if From Here!

Now that we have all your details, our team will send you an email verifying that you own the podcast.

Next, we’ll get to work importing your podcast and episodes onto your new account. And, to sweeten the deal you’ll get six months of free hosting!

FAQs for Redirecting Your Podcast to

When can I cancel my podcast hosting account with the other host?

We recommend you wait until everything is transferred to your new hosting account with just to make sure your podcast stays online throughout the transfer process.

Do I need to upload all of my old episodes to my account?

Nope. We’ll import all of your old episodes, titles, and descriptions for you. Your listeners won’t notice a thing!

Should I add my podcast to directories?
If you haven’t already done so, yes!

You may need to update your RSS feed if you’re already on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.

And, if you were using Anchor’s automatic distribution, it may be necessary to create accounts with the various directories sharing your new RSS Feed.

Why should I redirect my podcast to
For starters, we give podcasters more control over their shows. We also offer amazing features including unlimited episodes, duration and storage, monetization options, a free public website for your show, cross-platform analytics, embeddable episode players and more for one low monthly subscription fee.

We don’t charge extra based on your number of listeners, and we offer discounts of up to 35% off if you choose annual billing. Learn more about how we stack up against the competition here.

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