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How to Move Your Podcast from Transistor


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Have you outgrown Transistor and are ready to move to a podcast hosting platform where you have more control of your show?

Here are the main reasons podcasters decide to switch from Transistor to

  • is less complicated to use than Transistor, making it easier for podcasters to manage all aspects of their podcast.
  • They are ready to monetize their show – provides the partnerships, features and tools podcasters need to start making money through their podcast.
  • They want more control over their brand image, show art, and how their episodes are displayed to people who subscribe to their feed – gives you the ability to add chapter art for different timestamps in your episodes.
  • They are looking for better customer service and support.
  • They need more insights into their audience via their podcast analytics.

Decrease Your Expenses and Increase Productivity With

Why pay high prices when you can pay much less and have more control over your show?

Switching to can save you time and money when it comes to managing and hosting your podcast.

Transistor’s lowest plan starts at $19.99, which is more that double what charges for its All in One Podcasting plan which is only $11.99/month when paid annually.

With, you can automate tasks to help make you more efficient. 

Podcasters can schedule episodes in advance, so they don’t have to worry about publishing them every week. This automation allows them to focus on other aspects of their show like working on a new episode, recording a guest, etc. also provides automatic and guided distribution to the major podcast directories helping your show get found. This saves you the time you would otherwise spend uploading your podcast RSS feed to all the different directories. makes the entire publishing, promotion and monetization process easy for podcasters so they can focus on what’s important: growing their audience and delivering the best content possible to their audience. features include:

  • Easy to use. New podcasters can be up and running in minutes.
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited episodes
  • 24/7 support,
  • Monetization features via sponsorship opportunities and dynamic ad insertion for high-traffic shows
  • Free customizable website for your show that’s automatically updated with your latest episode and more
  • Episode scheduling
  • Episode transcriptions
  • Custom show, episode and chapter art options
  • Donation button
  • Easy, 1-click social sharing
  • Automatic distribution to the major podcast directories including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple, Google and Samsung Podcasts
  • Embeddable podcast episode player

Simply put, empowers podcasters around the world to build their brand and get more listeners. embedable podcast player’s Embeddable Episode Player

🎉 Switch to & Get 6 Months of Hosting Free!

We’re proud to offer the best podcast hosting for the absolute best price.

Transfer your show and episodes from Transistor to and get 6 full months free. See why a worldwide community of podcasters love our service.

Moving your podcast and episodes only requires a few steps:

1. We’ll send you an email to verify ownership of your account.

2. We’ll import data from your show and episodes.

3. You provide your final approval and confirmation.

4. That’s it! Your podcast will be available during the entire process.

You’ll keep all your subscribers, plus, you’ll get 6 full free months. 🙌

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“Starting anything these days is nerve wrecking. So when I made up my mind to start a podcast for my PR company, I knew I had to do the research. When I found, I was surprised at how easy it was to set up my podcast. We were up and running the same day!”
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Mika Stambaugh
TMI Mic’d Up Podcast

How to Switch from Transistor to

1. Head over to our podcast transfer page here:
2. Enter your podcast name or Transistor RSS Feed, and click switch my podcast
3. Enter the email address that you used to sign up with on Transistor, and click Let’s Go!
4. RSS will begin the process of transferring your episodes, and you’ll soon have a new RSS Feed with us. You’ll need that for the next step
5. Head over to your Transistor account and go to your settings. Then, click “Advanced Settings,” and enter your new RSS Feed address in the “Permanent Redirect” field, and click “Save Changes.” vs. Transistor

Podcast Soundbites to Promote Your showYesNo
Chapters for EpisodesYesNo
Unlimited EpisodesYesYes
Unlimited DurationYesUnclear
Cross-Platform Analytics Yes! Learn more about our analytics here.Yes
Podcast RSS FeedYesYes
Monetization Via SponsorsYesNo, but you can secure your own sponsors.
Free Podcasting WebsiteYes! You’ll get a beautiful dynamic website that’s automatically updated with your latest episodes.Yes
Embedded Player for Your WebsiteYesYes.
Customer SpportOur dedicated support team will provide you with world-class customer service.Yes
Annual & Monthly PlansYes! Podcasters can save up to 35% off using our annual plans.Yes
Free TrialYes! Get your first episode free with no credit card required.Yes

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