The Make Magic Podcast

by Liz Spears

The Make Magic Podcast My mission is to inspire and empower you to make magic with your marketing, your business and your life. For heart-led, ambitious business owners and female leaders who don't settle for anything less than extraordinary. I'll be bringing you conversations with coaches, healers and experts to expand your mind, level-up your business, and enrich your life, one episode at a time. Join me on IG: www.i ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • How to create a fulfilled life with Fiona Moss

    How to create a fulfilled life with Fiona Moss

    Fiona supports women to step away from a life that isn’t truly fulfilling them or giving them a sense of purpose, and instead step into a life where they enable themselves to truly feel like they're living every single day, rather than just being alive. It’s a miracle that we’ve packed THIS much into a 40 minute episode, because I could honestly listen to Fiona talk for HOURS. Fiona shares so much wisdom, inspiration and fresh perspective on finding your purpose, how to break free from past conditioning and most importantly how to create a fulfilling life on your terms. Some of the juiciest highlights include: 💫 Fiona shares her story of how she created a life of freedom, joy and purpose and reveals how she exchanged the hamster wheel, corporate ladder life (and all the anxiety and disconnect that comes with this linear path) for a life defined by her terms. 💫 The moments which gave Fiona perspective on what she wanted from her life, what was going to give her purpose and light her soul up. 💫 How to escape the old narrative of ‘live for the weekend’ and recognising that you deserve more than living for your 25 days of annual holiday. 💫 Real talk: you don’t need something unthinkably tragic to happen in your life to trigger a wake up call to change your life. We all have the power to create a life by design, rather than default. 💫 Challenges are always going to be in front of you. It might not always be the right time, situation or circumstances, but there’s always a way round it. You need to decide that you want to get around it. The question is, how much do you want it and are you willing to step forward into it? 💫 Truth bomb: if you’re not truly fulfilled, it’s your responsibility to go out there and make a change - you get to control the narrative. 💫 Huge topic: how the school system and corporate world has conditioned women. 💫 The new paradigm of life and business and how COVID has given us an insight into what is possible in terms of having more freedom, working nomadically and having a passive income. 💫 How gaining clarity on your values will become the north star of your decision making. 💫 Why stripping yourself of limitations will give you infinite freedom and open your eyes to the wondrous possibilities within life and business. Connect with Fiona on IG: Visit Fiona's website: Connect with me on IG: Visit my website:

  • Energetic shifts to create freedom-filed and wildly profitable businesses with Katy Stuart

    Energetic shifts to create freedom-filed and wildly profitable businesses with Katy Stuart

    Katy is a multi-six figure holistic business coach teaching women to build freedom-filled, joyful, and wildly profitable businesses through simple strategy and powerful energetics. Get ready to soak up Katy’s endless inspiration for the next 30 minutes. The biggest takeaway from this episode is the importance of being connected to a bigger why, a bigger vision, a bigger mission. It has to be this vibration and frequency of expansion that comes as a ripple effect. When you're focused on that, everything falls into place. Some of the magic includes: 💎 Katy shares a snippet of her own story and her experience of feeling stuck at around $40,000 a year. 💎 The act of putting ourselves into this loop of self limitation, female martyr syndrome and keeping yourself small. 💎 Sit with this one for a moment: anything you desire is completely available to you - it’s simply a decision. 💎 Knowing the possibility of creating incredible legacies, unimaginable incomes and creating a huge ripple effect of impact. 💎 Katy’s realisation that her business is just a vessel for impact. Her focus isn’t just personal, it’s bigger than that. It’s about the lives she can impact and getting more money into the hands of good women. 💎 Strategy only takes us so far. The energy, the intention, your own personal power and magnetism, and your belief behind the strategy has got to be there. 💎 How to recognize when you’re hitting an upper limit and blocking yourself energetically. 💎 The distinction between ‘doing’ and ‘being’ and how to cultivate more trust that the energy of ‘being’ is going to return results. 💎 Know you’re a powerful human but don’t think you’re bigger than the universe! Pay attention to Katy’s explanation here about aligned timing, 3D timelines and the human brain, it’ll be a huge wake up call in your biz. 💎 Simple steps to zoom out from the day-to-day, small things within sales or your launch, and how to address the energetics. 💎 Katy’s mantra: the more me I am, the more money I make. Connect with Katy on IG: Visit Katy's website: Connect with me on IG: Visit my website:

  • The smorgasbord of consciousness with Suzie Cuthbertson

    The smorgasbord of consciousness with Suzie Cuthbertson

    In this business-focused episode, Suzie lights up our podcast with some straight-talking, valuable advice and a potent reminder that we all have the power to choose the life we live and the legacy we leave behind. Highlights include: 💫 Suzie’s experience of corporate burnout, feeling disconnected from her purpose, being diagnosed with chronic stress and the shame which surrounded this. 💫 The steps Suzie took to build herself back up and her journey of self-discovery. 💫 The fear of judgement and how this shapes your belief systems. 💫 The act of taking people off the pedestal and realising that we’re all on the same playing field. Power dynamics are an illusion. We all hold the ability to make significant change if we just make the decision. 💫 The debate between sustainability, and masculine and feminine energy in business. 💫 How to use your energetic body to lean into your own uniqueness, sustain your long term business and visions and create your legacy. 💫 How using labels and language, particularly surrounding the masculine and feminine energy, can hold you back in business. 💫 The importance of detaching yourself from labels and not allowing yourself to be dictated by them, so that you can be whoever you want and do whatever you want to do to further evolve. 💫 The smorgasbord of consciousness and the importance of choosing what nourishes you and what doesn’t so that you’re not left gorging on everything, feeling sick and overwhelmed. Connect with Suzie on IG: Visit Suzie's website: Connect with me on IG: Visit my website:

  • Mindset Shifts For Mama's In Business with Cassie Gudmundson

    Mindset Shifts For Mama's In Business with Cassie Gudmundson

    Cassie Gudmundson is a mindset and wealth coach for current and future mamas in business. As a mother of two, Cassie’s mission is to help other female business owners upgrade their wealth frequency, without sacrificing the honour of motherhood. Cassie is a huge advocate for ambitious women creating success in their business, in synchrony with being a nurturing, dedicated mother. For any mamas or future mamas to be, this ep is for you! Cassie shares her top tips for women who have a thriving business and wish to maintain their success with motherhood on the horizon, and advice for new mothers who are battling with their focus in business vs. their desire to be present with family. Here’s some of the highlights: 💎 What balance looks like as a mother and how we can start cultivating it. 💎 Knowing that the ‘perfect’ balance as a mother is unrealistic - it’s about having the ability to set intentions but also release any expectations over what your day ‘should’ look like. 💎 Mindset shifts and mantras which Cassie has adopted as a mother of two. 💎 How wanting to grasp hold of control can manifest in our business. 💎 Deconditioning from beliefs and rules to give yourself the permission to do things a different way. How you can begin to shift and upgrade your beliefs and energy to call in an overflow of abundance. 💎 Understanding that your thoughts manifest into your reality. You have to be willing to do the inner work if you want to shift things and in a bigger way. 💎 The pivotal moment when Cassie discovered the importance of energetics and mindset in business and the 180 transformation that occurred within her own business when she started to tune in. 💎 How to rewrite the core belief that time equals money and hustle equals success. Knowing you have the power to realign your business to allow money to flow easily without you having to be there 24/7. 💎 A potent reminder to allow yourself to have that human experience and feel your feelings so you can show up with clear energy in business and motherhood. Connect with Cassie on IG: Visit Cassie's website: Connect with me on IG: Visit my website:

  • Living your truest, fullest potential with Rachel Cruickshank

    Living your truest, fullest potential with Rachel Cruickshank

    Rachel Cruikshank is an energy and expansion coach with a focus on body, being and business. Her mission is to help female business leaders and coaches thrive by finding their truest, fullest potential. As a master of all trades (qualified nutritional therapist, yoga teacher, somatic and embodied movement practitioner, meditation teacher and energy worker) Rachel is a true embodiment of her work and belief that by looking at the physical body and sharing the message that feels like our truth, we get to have it all. We share a beautiful conversation and go deep into how societal conditioning has caused us to become disconnected from our body, and as a result, our business. In this episode we explore the journey of finding your way back to your truest self. Highlights include: ✨ The deconditioning process of stepping outside the box and shedding the ‘shoulds’ that society’s told us from childhood. ✨ The million dollar question to ask yourself as a business owner; would you want to date your business? ✨ The realisation that everything in this world is a relationship, including your business, hence why it’s vital to nurture this connection. ✨ The importance of setting aside what ‘strategy’ has told us to do and allowing yourself to come back to your body to ask the question; how does it feel? ✨ The balancing act of the masculine and feminine energy in your daily rituals and business, and honouring the ebbs and flow between this union of energies. ✨ We are the creators of our own universe and destiny and hold the power to change the narrative. It's safe to want more, it's safe to receive, it's safe to be in this pleasure. ✨ How marketing is so much more than a beautiful feed, it’s a mirror of who you are. It’s about creating those truthful, authentic, vulnerable moments of connection. Connect with Rachel on IG: Connect with Rachel's website: Visit the podcast page: Connect with Liz on IG: