Mindset Shifts For Mama's In Business with Cassie Gudmundson

The Make Magic Podcast by Liz Spears

Episode notes

Cassie Gudmundson is a mindset and wealth coach for current and future mamas in business. As a mother of two, Cassie’s mission is to help other female business owners upgrade their wealth frequency, without sacrificing the honour of motherhood.

Cassie is a huge advocate for ambitious women creating success in their business, in synchrony with being a nurturing, dedicated mother. For any mamas or future mamas to be, this ep is for you! Cassie shares her top tips for women who have a thriving business and wish to maintain their success with motherhood on the horizon, and advice for new mothers who are battling with their focus in business vs. their desire to be present with family.

Here’s some of the highlights:

💎 What balance looks like as a mother and how we can start cultivating it.

💎 Knowing that the ‘perfect’ balanc ... 

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