The smorgasbord of consciousness with Suzie Cuthbertson

The Make Magic Podcast by Liz Spears

Episode notes

In this business-focused episode, Suzie lights up our podcast with some straight-talking, valuable advice and a potent reminder that we all have the power to choose the life we live and the legacy we leave behind.

Highlights include:

💫 Suzie’s experience of corporate burnout, feeling disconnected from her purpose, being diagnosed with chronic stress and the shame which surrounded this.

💫 The steps Suzie took to build herself back up and her journey of self-discovery.

💫 The fear of judgement and how this shapes your belief systems.

💫 The act of taking people off the pedestal and realising that we’re all on the same playing field. Power dynamics are an illusion. We all hold the ability to make significant change if we just make the decision.

💫 The de ... 

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