Living your truest, fullest potential with Rachel Cruickshank

The Make Magic Podcast by Liz Spears

Episode notes

Rachel Cruikshank is an energy and expansion coach with a focus on body, being and business. Her mission is to help female business leaders and coaches thrive by finding their truest, fullest potential. As a master of all trades (qualified nutritional therapist, yoga teacher, somatic and embodied movement practitioner, meditation teacher and energy worker) Rachel is a true embodiment of her work and belief that by looking at the physical body and sharing the message that feels like our truth, we get to have it all.

We share a beautiful conversation and go deep into how societal conditioning has caused us to become disconnected from our body, and as a result, our business. In this episode we explore the journey of finding your way back to your truest self.

Highlights include:

The deconditioning process of stepping outs ... 

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