How to create a fulfilled life with Fiona Moss

The Make Magic Podcast by Liz Spears

Episode notes

Fiona supports women to step away from a life that isn’t truly fulfilling them or giving them a sense of purpose, and instead step into a life where they enable themselves to truly feel like they're living every single day, rather than just being alive.

It’s a miracle that we’ve packed THIS much into a 40 minute episode, because I could honestly listen to Fiona talk for HOURS. Fiona shares so much wisdom, inspiration and fresh perspective on finding your purpose, how to break free from past conditioning and most importantly how to create a fulfilling life on your terms.

Some of the juiciest highlights include:

💫 Fiona shares her story of how she created a life of freedom, joy and purpose and reveals how she exchanged the hamster wheel,  ... 

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