Start from Within

by Allyson Pesta

Changing the conversation with ourselves, our communities and future generations around our bodies, movement and trusting that we have all the answers we need within ourselves. In this podcast we dive into authentic, vulnerable, honest and soul-filling conversations spanning topics from moving your body from the inside out, creating an I CAN mindset, re-framing what you tell yourself when you look in the mirror, empowering and  ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Making Peace with Your Past with Jennifer Kreatsoulas

    Making Peace with Your Past with Jennifer Kreatsoulas

    What if instead of demonizing parts of our past, we learn to make peace with these parts and even embrace them? This is what guest, Jennifer Kreatsoulas has done with her past. Join Allyson & Jennifer as they get real about Jennifer's eating disorder and how she has used that to propel her into her career as owner of Yoga for Eating Disorders, Yoga Therapist, Author and empowerer of embracing our full selves - mind, body and soul. They get real about recognizing how language affects the way we perceive and feel about our bodies. They also dive deep into how yoga therapy differs from a general yoga practice and how yoga therapy can help you start more deeply from within. Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, is a certified yoga therapist specializing in eating disorders and body image. She is the founder of Yoga for Eating Disorders, creator and host of Real Body Talk, author of Body Mindful Yoga, an international speaker, and mental health advocate. Jennifer provides yoga therapy via online and in person and leads yoga therapy groups at Monte Nido Eating Disorder Center of Philadelphia. She also teaches workshops, retreats, and specialized yoga and eating disorder recovery trainings for professionals. Her writing about her personal journey of eating disorder recovery and professional experience as a passionate yoga therapist has appeared in Yoga International, Yoga Journal, Recovery Warriors, and other influential blogs. Jennifer has appeared on Fox29 news and has been featured in the Huffington Post, Real Woman Magazine, SJ Magazine, Medill Reports Chicago,, YOGA Magazine, and on several podcasts. To learn more, visit Jennifer’s website and sign up for Nourishing Notes, her monthly newsletter. You can also access all of Jennifer's great resources through the links below: Website: IG: FB: Twitter: LinkedIn: Body Mindful Yoga: Y4ED Community Facebook Page:

  • Showing up & Trusting the Process with Daneen Farrall

    Showing up & Trusting the Process with Daneen Farrall

    How do we trust the process and let go of what we think our life should be like? How do we trust our bodies to guide us to where we are destined to go? How do we just show up, messy, fully, complicated and human? There is no one answer, but it starts with turning inward and trusting your inner knowing. Join Allyson & Daneen Farrall, yoga teacher and inspirer, as Daneen dives into her experience with her own body and movement. She shares vulnerably about her experience with an eating disorder, perfectionism and how yoga stripped away this idea of what she needed to control in her life. She talks about moving away from a state of perfection to a state of being in the process. Daneen shares insight into being a mother, yoga teacher and perfectly imperfect human who shows up as best as she can in each moment.

  • Slowing Down & Rising Rooted with Lauren Jedlicka

    Slowing Down & Rising Rooted with Lauren Jedlicka

    How often do we stop to look at our days and acknowledge what is giving us energy vs what is taking it away? How often do we take moments to truly slow down? How do we create roots that help us to rise? Lauren Jedlicka, yoga-teacher and creator of Rising Rooted, knows this all too well. Lauren shares her philosophy on why she created Rising Rooted and how each day we can make choices which root us in a state of well-being so that we can rise feeling radiant, calm, and balanced. Lauren also talks about how important it was for her to slow down in her life and the clarity she received from slowing down. We explore the power of yoga, the breath, removing limiting beliefs from your life, listening to your most intrinsic self and finding clarity in what lifts you up. This episode will leave your soul full and your mind with more peace. To find out more about Lauren and Rising Rooted you can visit her website:

  • Movement as Medicine with Emma McGinnis

    Movement as Medicine with Emma McGinnis

    When you get a headache or a nasty cold you often take some medicine. You may even take a daily set of medicine or vitamins. But have you thought about how movement is medicine? Emma McGinnis, a 24 year-old exercise physiology masters student at Colorado State University, researches and promotes that exact concept! On today's episode of the Start from Within podcast, Emma and Allyson talk about Emma's experience with using movement to help support cancer treatment. They also dive into Emma's Purple Lace Project that explores what it means to move our bodies in a way that is internal vs external validation. Emma talks about her times hiking Mt Kilimanjaro, her experience with body acceptance, what she hopes for future daughters in this world, creating her purpose statement and what it means to truly Start from Within!

  • Honor Your Truth with Jenn Kryz


    Honor Your Truth with Jenn Kryz


    Have you ever ridden a bike in a dark room going nowhere? Jenn Kryz surely has and she has built an incredible and empowering community while doing so. Join host, Allyson Pesta & guest, Jenn Kryz as they talk about, Psycle, a spin studio in Cleveland Ohio that is centered on moving from the inside out, no comparison and rocking out to some good tunes while in the support of uplifting community. We also dive into topics around relationship with our bodies, lessons Jenn wish she knew when she was younger, her relationship with her daughter, what it means to be a strong woman, how to Honor your Truth and how Jenn starts from within.