Showing up & Trusting the Process with Daneen Farrall

Start from Within by Allyson Pesta

Episode notes

How do we trust the process and let go of what we think our life should be like? How do we trust our bodies to guide us to where we are destined to go? How do we just show up, messy, fully, complicated and human? There is no one answer, but it starts with turning inward and trusting your inner knowing. Join Allyson & Daneen Farrall, yoga teacher and inspirer, as Daneen dives into her experience with her own body and movement. She shares vulnerably about her experience with an eating disorder, perfectionism and how yoga stripped away this idea of what she needed to control in her life. She talks about moving away from a state of perfection to a state of being in the process. Daneen shares insight into being a mother, yoga teacher and perfectly imperfect human who shows up as best as she can in each moment.

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