Slowing Down & Rising Rooted with Lauren Jedlicka

Start from Within by Allyson Pesta

Episode notes

How often do we stop to look at our days and acknowledge what is giving us energy vs what is taking it away? How often do we take moments to truly slow down? How do we create roots that help us to rise? Lauren Jedlicka, yoga-teacher and creator of Rising Rooted, knows this all too well. Lauren shares her philosophy on why she created Rising Rooted and how each day we can make choices which root us in a state of well-being so that we can rise feeling radiant, calm, and balanced. Lauren also talks about how important it was for her to slow down in her life and the clarity she received from slowing down. We explore the power of yoga, the breath, removing limiting beliefs from your life, listening to your most intrinsic self and finding clarity in what lifts you up. This episode will leave your soul full and your mind with more peace ... 

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