Movement as Medicine with Emma McGinnis

Start from Within by Allyson Pesta

Episode notes

When you get a headache or a nasty cold you often take some medicine. You may even take a daily set of medicine or vitamins. But have you thought about how movement is medicine? Emma McGinnis, a 24 year-old exercise physiology masters student at Colorado State University, researches and promotes that exact concept! On today's episode of the Start from Within podcast, Emma and Allyson talk about Emma's experience with using movement to help support cancer treatment. They also dive into Emma's Purple Lace Project that explores what it means to move our bodies in a way that is internal vs external validation. Emma talks about her times hiking Mt Kilimanjaro, her experience with body acceptance, what she hopes for future daughters in this world, creating her purpose statement and what it means to truly Start from Within!

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