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Welcome! Here you will find the weekly sermons of Second City Church in Harrisburg, PA. We hope these sermons will help you worship God and celebrate the good news of Jesus.

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  • Season 3

  • Does How I Live Matter to God?

    Does How I Live Matter to God?

    When a person first receives Christ, the natural question that is upon their heart is, what do I do now? How do I live this faith that has been given to me by God's holy spirit? How do I live my life now that Jesus is my savior lord? And new believers tend to answer that question by looking at people that they perceive are, further along in their spiritual walk and patterning their lives after those people by imitating people who have been believers for a while. Here in First Timothy Four Paul directs Timothy how this should look - and what he and we should do.

  • Remember Your Story

    Remember Your Story

    Transitions in life are difficult. The birth of a child; the death of a parent/someone you love; a major change in your health; a change in marital status; graduation from school, college, university; going off to college; losing a job; starting a new job… MOVING. I could go on and on. How long has it been since your last major transition? The Children of Israel were getting ready to make THE BIG Move: The biggest transition since God brought them out of Egypt. They were on the far side of the Jordan River when Moses spoke the words of Deuteronomy. Beyond the Jordan, in the land of Moab, Moses undertook to explain this law, and to explain the law, he gave them… a travelogue! “I will bring you into the land of promise.” You will have children and you will teach your children and they will dialogue with you and they will ask questions about this religion you are teaching them and you will tell them a story. We need to get our story straight. Your story with God through this life which involves his salvation from slavery, his continual provision for our needs and a future forever with the Lord.

  • The Blessing of God

    The Blessing of God

    Numbers 6:24-27 may be the most common benediction in Christian worship. "The Lord Make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you" is at its center. What do we make of this? What does it mean for a deity to "turn his face toward you?" Is this a good thing? Is God's grace all that we need?

  • Sharing in the Master's Happiness

    Sharing in the Master's Happiness

    This lovely parable of Jesus has a simple message of living life with all that God provides for each of us for His glory and honor. No comparisons are needed. Some are given more, and some are given less. Each of us can enjoy the Master's Happiness by using the best we can, that which He has given to us for His pleasure. We do all of this in the power of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we can work with what He gives us and wait upon Him as we work to bring the increase and results as He sees fit.

  • You Are With Me

    You Are With Me

    Psalm 23:4-6 highlights the core of Psalm 23 with the statement of David that he knows, The LORD, his Shepherd is always with him . David proclaims that it is The LORD who is with him in the Valley of The Shadow of death. It is the LORD who comforts him with correction and instruction. And it is the LORD who guides and directs him through life and unto eternal life in Jesus Christ by the almighty power of the Holy Spirit.