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by Colin Lake

This is a podcast by and is here to help people that are interested in kettlebells , steel clubs and maces. We will cover many topics but they will all be related to strength , movement and using the tools we love.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Podcast Episode #8 - Drew Miller (Kettlebell Expert) Podcast Episode #8 - Drew Miller (Kettlebell Expert)

    Dm Drew hereIf you are interested in grabbing kettlebells check our sponsor out as they have the best hardstyle bells on the market.Below were the questions I had laid out, as usual sometimes things got off topic. Super useful and fun convo about training with bells.How did you become involved with kettlebells and why did you continue to use them for a sustained amount of time?Did you start with sport or hardstyle first ? What is the difference between hardstyle and sport ?Flows vs complex vs single movement - Could you explain what each one is good for and where you would favour one over the other ?Do you like to mix kettlebells with other modalities such as barbell or bodyweight work?Doubles or singles ? Do you have a favourite to work with? And if so why?Grinds and ballistics. Could you explain in your words what these terms mean in the kettlebell world.How do you balance out your Grinds vs Ballistics ?When did you start KB academics ? What is your vision for it ?How can people reach you if they have more questions or inquiries for you?Contact Drew Here

  • Episode #7 - James Neidlinger -Flexible Steel Club Specialist Lead Instructor Episode #7 - James Neidlinger -Flexible Steel Club Specialist Lead Instructor

    James Podcast - Indian Club Instructor This podcast was all over the place. It was a great time. Got off topic a lot.What is an Indian club? What is it used for? They came from a bottle. Wine or perrier bottle. Indian clubs, persian meal, jori are all variations of clubs Ryan Pitts mace maces look amazing. I must chat with him about getting a GLG mace and club option. Chatting about different coatings on clubs. Shellac is merely a resin that is secreted by the lac bug. It can be processed and then sold as dry flakes. It can then be used as a brush-on colorant and most commonly as wood finish. Varnish, on the other hand, is a protective finish or film that is very hard and is also used in wood finishing.Indian clubs ( are bat shaped or bowling pin style clubs that are typically used in a group setting that are a cross between calisthenics and juggling. Club Swinging was born. Keeps you mobile well not decreasing performance by not over fatiguing. Great for people who need to keep mobile and use their bodies in potentially life saving interventions. How James got into clubs. Get good communication skills then learn how to fight. If one doesn't pan out.. You have a backup.Fundamentals - not needed to start. Just get going. You're not broken. If you can still move. Figure it out. If you're a coach. Have the fundamentals sorted. Whatever you teach to someone you better know you're doing it properly.Working through injuries in my mind set. If it hurts too much don't do it. Simple. Chatting about being a new trainer. Taking any client you can take. Gotta do what you gotta do. ( Take whatever clients you can ) The magic tricks are to show up, do the work and get it done. Nerve flossing. Good stuff with Indian clubs. If you take courses don't drop the program your client is on and start applying all the new tools you just learned from the course. Stay focused on your clients goals. Beer, Bacon and Brownies ( 97% open rate) not clickbait. Clubs can help people calm down peoples systems. Great for getting people started with movement. “Move towards better everyday, get strong , stay strong and don’t fucking quit. '' James Neidlinger Quote. Going through the 5 movements taught from Flexible steel. Request , demo then que. .. poop in the woods. Perfect cue for the squat. New adjustable mace /club combo! Coming out in 2022. Reach James at

  • Podcast Episode 006 - Coach Mav - Master Kettlebell Instructor Podcast Episode 006 - Coach Mav - Master Kettlebell Instructor

    Coach Mav and I chat about kettlebells and how awesome kettlebells has a shipment of our high quality bells coming in February! Pre Order now to get free shipping.We talk about his philosophy and outlook on training. We also touch upon how kettlebells, and getting active, helped me through a very challenging time in my life.We chat about programming and how Mav comes up with his amazing programs!Mental toughness. It's very important stuff. Bells help you develop a hard AF mindset.Using bells and getting strong with them by default make you less weak.Kettlebell sport or hardstyle - which style is better? Wanna go to a dark place and come back from the depths of mordor? Seek long cycle kettlebell.Ying and Yang of Kettlebells - What I meant when I said Ying and Yang was that many kettlebell sport and hardstyle kettlebell techniques are very much opposite but they complement one another if you use both styles, or even better blend them together. It will benefit you to learn some long cycle(Dark) efficient body positions vs having your body perfectly inline (plum line) and not accounting for the change in the way you are carrying a load. Hardstyle(Light) is very strict in its positions which is detrimental to longer bouts of physical movement with load. On the flip side, not having adequate ability to generate the amounts of tension required to lift (grind not ballistic) heavy loads is detrimental to lifting heavy and being a very powerful mover of loads. So in conclusion, hardstyle (light) and sport (dark) are opposites that complement each other.When you are putting your program together make sure you look at your goals and make a plan that will get you there. If you want to run a marathon don't just focus on your strength training. If you want to be able to press a 48kg kettlebell then you need to know certain things to include in your program to get to that goal. Ok you can press 32kg once on both left and right arms. Now design a program to build on that skill:Example programming design for 3 days per weekThis is for a single arm military press based off a 32KG max pressWeek 13x5/5 @20kg3x3/3@24kg3x2/2@28kgWeek 23x5/5 @20kg3x3/3@24kg3x3/3@28kgWeek 33x5/5 @20kg3x3/3@24kg5x3/3@28kgWeek 43x5/5 @20kg3x3/3@24kg3x4/4@28kgAfter this month long program, re-test your max press and you will be impressed with your progress.Pre Order now to get free shipping. - Kettlebell Preorder LinkA description from an internet searchYin and yang (or yin-yang) is a complex relational concept in Chinese culture that has developed over thousands of years. Briefly put, the meaning of yin and yang is that the universe is governed by a cosmic duality, sets of two opposing and complementing principles or cosmic energies that can be observed in nature.

  • Podcast Episode 005 - Adam Glass (Grip Expert) Podcast Episode 005 - Adam Glass (Grip Expert)

    Great Lakes Girya Podcast 005 ADAM GLASS Professional Grip Strongman + Really knowledgeable fun guy to talk to. This podcast is sponsored by greatlakesgirya.comThis is a very lengthy episode. Bottom line, strong grip means you’re strong. If your grip is weak… so are you. Stress happens, it's how you deal with it that dictates how it affects you. But this podcast also has great insights on growing an equipment business at the beginning and during the peak of the pandemic! We chat about how Great Lakes Girya came to be as we know it today: Dive into the way I built GLG from my basement to a multimillion dollar business. Chat about my past and previous career as a trainer. Delve into what personal training and courses are about, plus injuries I sustained and dealt with via my own personal training.Later in this episode, we chat about grip although, as chats sometimes do, we also talk extensively regarding sales and marketing and customer types. Insights such as: flavoured oreos will be bought by people who like oreos. It makes sense to target the market you are speaking to, rather than targeting everyone. Target specifically for best results.Strength Gains and Power PositionsAdam views my 60kg TGU and says he sees more strength to be had. He mentioned 80kg. I will gun for the 72kg first and will substitute the barbell ion as he suggested. I haven't done that and it will give me a different experience which will allow me to go heavier as well. We talk about the power position of the palm. It's the subtle difference that allows you to get heavier in your press or TGU. Do you flex, slightly flex or extend? People that are capable of lifting heavy you'll see the wrist is slightly extended as you allow the handle to press into the powerpoint of the palm. Kool Aid with the kettlebell industry. Around the 2hour 11min mark. It's a great listen. A neat chat regarding Steve Cotter apparently spilling the beans about Russians putting the North American training and representatives to shame.

  • Podcast Episode 004 - Emre (Creator of the Gripedo) Podcast Episode 004 - Emre (Creator of the Gripedo)

    Great Lakes Girya.comVery excited to get this podcast out here for everyone to hear. In this episode I chat with Emre from Gripdeo and talk about grip and why it's important. Also we chat about this invention, the GripedoActions of the wrist = Supination and pronation are terms used to describe the up or down orientation of your hand, arm, or foot. When your palm or forearm faces up, it's supinated. When your palm or forearm faces down, it's pronatedActions of your upper arm (humerus) In anatomy, internal rotation (also known as medial rotation) is rotation towards the centre of the body. External rotation (or lateral rotation) is rotation away from the centre of the body.Visual video on youtubePodcast Timeline1-10min-Talking about grip and how it is gaining in popularity and introducing the gripeo.-Movement for health and fitness in the last 10 years has increased the popularity of grip training .-Grip is very important , especially for those who are athletes or use their hands daily for tough work.- If you have to grab something heavy in an emergency situation. Gripedo for rehabbing elbow issues such as tennis elbow or golfer's elbow.Visual video on youtube10min -20min-Chatting about me being a foot and hand fanatic (not in a creepy way)-Kinetic chain - Train grip to avoid having your hand/wrist be your weak link-Concentric training for rest/recovery/deload days easier on the nervous system and to recover from.-Lou simmons from westside barbell uses lots of sled/concentric work-Sealing from Paul to pay Peter in terms of movement (can't rotate in spine - knees, shoulders, ankles will rotate to make up for that.20min - 40min-Different positions to work the Gripedo - all planes sagittal, frontal and transverse (Very neat)- Arm wrestling and the obvious importance of grip strength for that sport.- Arm Lifting Super Series- 250lb mace !!!! I need to check out how this thing was used. That is insane.- Chatting about GLG Steel Clubs edesign and new upcoming options- Maces and design ideas from our line up.- Strength vs endurance with gripedo- Combining kb and gripedo (Wicked combo !!)40min - 65min-Mental toughness with grip work (and bells)- Supersetting gripedo and doing giant sets , drop sets with other grip training methods for insane grip endurance- No grip = game over in fighting- Bjj and Sambo chat. Taking off in North America (Canada kicks ass at Judo)- Lots of physios love the Gripdeo- How did Emre come up with the Gripdeo.- Overuse injuries are enemy number one in wrist/elbow dysfunction (not balanced with strength and range of movement)- Conditioning vs rehab with the Gripdeo- Always work with a physio and physician to get assessed and started off safely.- Pain can be a deterrent for progress. Don't work in pain.Work with your injury and around iMove well and then get strong.-Emre's story behind starting the Grideo!