AUVB - Off Court Show

di Kevin Barnett & Salima Rockwell

Kevin Barnett and Salima Rockwell preview and breakdown the Competition Weekends and Drafts of Athletes Unlimited Professional Volleyball. Tune in, Know More, Laugh a lot.

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  • The Finale of AUVB - Wrap the Season

    The Finale of AUVB - Wrap the Season

    Salima and Kevin reflect on the championship and all that we learned during 6 weeks in Dallas for season 1. Enjoy and Thank You for listening.

  • Championship Weekend Preview

    Championship Weekend Preview

    Week 5 is HERE!!!! Four teams enter, one woman leaves. The Championship will be decided this weekend along with the Top 4 and Defensive Player of the Year. Salima and Kevin break down the teams and what to look for in our final three days of play.

  • Draft #4 Review

    Draft #4 Review

    Kevin and Salima break down the most interesting draft of AUVB history. Who has the best group, what skills will matter in the penultimate week fo competition.

  • Week 4 - Volleyball Draft Preview

    Week 4 - Volleyball Draft Preview

    Kevin and Salima look inside the most interesting draft yet at. A setter as captain for the first time. How will this play out. Who knows???

  • Volleyball Week 3 - Review

    Volleyball Week 3 - Review

    Salima and Kevin try and recall the top shelf volleyball of pivotal week 3 in Dallas. Undefeated players and teams. Players rallying back mid match, teams trying to find balance and points. Plus lizard people!