Top 22 Health & Fitness Podcasts of 2021

What better way to grab some workout motivation at any moment of the day than through your earbuds?

It’s time to leave the true crime and history podcasts alone for a few minutes, and drum up some fitness inspiration, and education with the best health and fitness podcasts of 2021.

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Ali on the Run

It doesn’t matter what level runner you are; you’ll get something helpful from this running podcast with host Ali Feller. She interviews industry leaders, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and everyday runners to learn from their successes and failures.

Found My Fitness

Biology is important in fitness, and in this podcast Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D., explains the biology of your health in easy-to-understand language that will have you understanding yourself at a deeper level.

Work, Play, Love

If you have a burning question about fitness, it’s likely Lauren Fleshman and Jesse Thomas, married athletes, have covered it — or will. That’s because their podcast focuses on answering listener questions about sports, family, business, and the balance between all three.

Another Mother Runner

Running seriously when you’re a mom is no easy task. Podcast host Sarah Bowen Shea brings in experts to help you at that tricky, but manageable, intersection of running and motherhood.


We all go through tough times. Hurdle host, Emily Abbate, talks to people who have leaned into wellness as their outlet through the hard times.

The Fat-Burning Man Show

Host Abel James aims to make burning fat a lot of fun as he shares eye-opening information about the health industry and tips for living a healthy life in this family-friendly podcast.

Bulletproof Radio

What are the simplest things you can do to be better at everything? That’s the question Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Executive Radio has relentlessly asked himself — as he experimented on himself. He’s traveled the world to learn how to upgrade the mind, body, and life — and he shares it all on his podcast.

Move Your DNA

It’s no secret we’re getting more and more sedentary in our society. Host Katy Bowman will inspire you to get up and move in new ways.

The Jillian Michaels Show

Jillian Michaels aims to help you find health and happiness — and she gives it to you straight. Be entertained, inspired, and informed by America’s Health and Wellness guru.

Optimal Health Daily

Isn’t it nice when someone else will do the hard work of gathering information for you? That’s what the Optimal Health Daily podcast does — searches the internet for the latest and best fitness and health information, and then delivers it right to your earbuds.

Ben Greenfield Fitness

Let Ben Greenfield break down the latest research for you in his podcast dedicated to fitness, nutrition, biohacking, fat loss, anti-aging, and cutting-edge health advice.

The Dumbbells

Get your fitness info delivered with a nice side of humor. The Dumbbells hosts/comedians Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger guide you on your wellness journey with comedy that will have you laughing for more.

The Rich Roll Podcast

Ultra-athlete and bestselling author, Rich Roll, talks to some of the world’s brightest leaders to help inspire you to live your best, authentic life.

TED Talks Health

Who doesn’t love a good TED Talk? Learn about medical breakthroughs, smart daily health habits, and more from doctors and researchers onstage.

Ashtanga Dispatch

This mother/daughter collaboration brings yoga to life in impassioned dialogues with teachers and students of yoga alike.

The Wellness Mama Podcast

Because your family’s health is only going to improve with you at the helm. Learn about holistic health, stress, real food, sleep, fitness, motherhood, and more to help you improve your family’s life.

All About Fitness

As the name implies, you’ll learn all about fitness in this podcast from Pete McCall, who has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Shape, and more.


ABC News correspondent Mara Schiavocampo pulls from her own experience of losing 90 pounds as she shares the keys to living a healthier, happier life.

Marathon Training Academy

Podcast host Angie Spencer makes marathon training approachable and doable for everyone with practical advice.

Running for Real

Marathon runner and mom Tina Muir brings you information from industry leaders to help you run your best. Get tips and hacks that are immediately usable.

The Mind Pump Podcast

You’ll here the “raw truth “about fitness, nutrition, and overall health. They break down the myths within the industry and share science-based solutions. You’ll get tips on everything from They talk about everything from gym etiquette to how to walk correctly. 

Eat, Move and Live Better

On this podcast from Precision Nutrition you’ll get tips and hear information on how to get fit, stay healthy, all while living your normal life.  You’ll learn that eating, exercising and eating well can be both easy and enjoyable!

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