Fitness Retold

by Claire Youngson

The fitness world is full of buzz words and so much information it could make your head explode! Join us as we work our way through all things fitness and try to untangle some of the endless and conflicting info out there! Hosted by Claire Youngson from Achieve Health and Fitness and guest host Dr. Sarah Lonsdale. To find out more about coaching head to 

Podcast episodes

  • Ep 16 - Does less sleep effect weight loss?

    Ep 16 - Does less sleep effect weight loss?

    Does less sleep effect your weight loss goals? Listen today for some information around how less sleep can negatively effect your goals.Coaching -

  • Ep 15 - Changing Mindsets

    Ep 15 - Changing Mindsets

    This week I'm chatting about mindset.Where your head is matters, if you want to change you can if you put your mind to it.Coaching -

  • Ep 14 - Activity Levels & Exercise

    Ep 14 - Activity Levels & Exercise

    If your goal is to lose fat / weight then combining improved nutrition with increased activity levels is a super effective way to maximise your results, who doesn’t want that! After you have made the decision to change and exerci...

  • Ep 13 - Nutrition Thoughts

    Ep 13 - Nutrition Thoughts

    Chatting about my thoughts on nutrition and creating a nutritional plan that suits you. There is no one size fits all when it comes to your nutrition, find what works for you and work foods into that plan that don't make you feel ...

  • Ep 12. - Fat loss to maintenance

    Ep 12. - Fat loss to maintenance

    Are you ready to make the changeFrom fat loss to maintenance