What’s the RSS Feed for My Blog?

Your RSS feed is important because it lets your readers stay up to date on your latest content. These days, most people are experiencing content fatigue.

Too much content + not enough time = burnout.

You may have loyal followers. They may love everything you publish. But they may miss it, or get too tired to search for it, because their online time is occupied with so many other interesting things.

Making your RSS feed easy for your readers to find is critical. Once you know how to find it, you can add it to all your bio pages and outlets.

How to Find the RSS Feed for Your WordPress Blog

The great news is that your WordPress website comes with support out of the box for RSS and finding the RSS feed for your WordPress website is easy! Simply add /feed/ to the end of your domain and that’s it.

Example: https://ExampleWordPressWebsite.com/feed/

How to Find the RSS Feed for Your Blog

    1. Go to your web page.
    2. Right click, and select View Source. You’ll get a long page of code. But don’t worry. You don’t have to understand everything here. All you need to do is find the RSS feed. And that’s easy.
    3. Do a search by holding down Ctrl and F at the same time.
    4. This will pull up a dialogue box. Type RSS into the box.
    5. Now you’ll see that RSS is highlighted within the page of code. Look for the link following the highlighted RSS, and click on it.
    6. You’ll now be at another page of code. Once there, copy the URL from that page.
    7. You can then paste that URL into any profile where you want your blog’s RSS to be found.

Watch the video below as a visual aid to find the RSS feed or your blog.

Making your website’s RSS feed easily accessible will allow your readers to continue following you, even when they’re distracted by other things.

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