How to Move Your Podcast from Anchor

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The Best Alternative to for Podcast Hosting

Have you outgrown Anchor and are ready to move to a podcast hosting platform where you have more control of your show?

Here are just a few reasons podcasters choose over

💵 Keep More of Your Money with

Starting and growing a podcast takes work and many podcasters eventually want to monetize their shows and make money. 

It makes sense that many newer podcasters start out using Anchor because it’s 100% free. So how does Anchor make money giving away free service?

If you decide to use Anchor Sponsorships to monetize your podcast, they take a 30% cut of your earnings plus an additional processing fee. Ouch! 💸

If you monetize and your show gets popular, you’ll be paying significantly more to use their “free” service than you would with another host like where you have more control, options, and features.

📈 Get More Data About Your Listeners with Podcast Analytics's Podcast Analytics

With the no-cost offer Anchor provides, you get limited analytics, preventing you from gaining all the insights you need to grow your show.

If you choose to allow Anchor to distribute your show to the major podcast directories, it will block access to additional stats in your Apple Podcasts dashboard. Not cool! 😤

At, we understand how tracking your podcast’s analytics is critical to the growth and monetization of your show which is why we provide our users with these key metrics:

  • Total number of subscribers for the month
  • Number of all-time downloads (including how many downloads there were today, yesterday, this month and the previous month)
  • Your top five episodes
  • Where people are listening from geographically
  • The type of device used to download your show
  • The app used to listen

Get Better Support & Customer Service with

Because they are a free service, customer support is not as robust as you’d receive with a paid hosting provider, and additionally, user issues can go unresolved for periods of time. Podcasting

🎉 Switch to Today & Get 6 Months Free!

We’re proud to offer the best podcast hosting for the absolute best price.

Transfer your show and episodes to and see why a worldwide community of podcasters love hosting their shows with us.

Moving your podcast and episodes is easy and only requires a few simple steps:

1. Provide a link to your show or your Podcast RSS feed. We’ll send you an email to verify ownership of your account. Not sure how to do that? Click here for easy, step-by-step instructions

2. We’ll import data from your show and episodes.

3. We’ll send an email for your final approval and confirmation.

4. That’s it! Your podcast will be available during the entire process and your followers won’t notice a thing.

You’ll keep all your subscribers, plus, you’ll get 6 full free months! 🙌🏽

"Starting anything these days is nerve wrecking. So when I made up my mind to start a podcast for my PR company, I knew I had to do the research. When I found, I was surprised at how easy it was to set up my podcast. We were up and running the same day!"

So what makes us different? Check out the table below to compare features and see why more and more podcasters are choosing Podcasting vs.

Unlimited Episodes
Unlimited Duration
Cross-Platform Analytics
Podcast RSS Feed
No. Anchor limits your ability to easily distribute it to podcast directories yourself
Monetization Via Sponsors
Available through our sponsorship with Podcorn, Or you can secure your own sponsors.
Yes, but they take 30% plus processing fees.
Free Podcasting Website
Embedded Player for Your Website
Podcast Soundbites to Promote Your Show
Chapters for Episodes
Customer Spport
Our dedicated support team will provide you with word-class customer service.
There is a 250 MB limit to your uploads.
Annual & Monthly Plans
Podcasters can save up to 35% off using our annual plans.
Free Trial
Yes. Get your first episode free with no credit card required

How to Redirect Your Podcast from Anchor

We know how important it is to maintain control of your Podcast RSS feed and keep all of your subscribers when switching podcast hosts.

Here are the steps to activate a redirect from your Anchor RSS feed to your new RSS feed at

1. Log into your account here

2. Go to Settings > Podcast Availability

3. Scroll down and find the “RSS Distribution” section and select the “Enable” button to enable your RSS feed

4. Directly below RSS Feed, you’ll also want to select “Add email to RSS feed” which will allow you to verify your feed on other platforms.

5. Next, copy your Podcast RSS Feed into the “Redirect URL” field.

✨ If you need help creating a podcast RSS Feed, check out this post.

6. Click the “Yes, redirect my podcast” button.

Congrats, you’re done! 🙌🏽

If you have any questions or need any assistance, our dedicated support team is here to help.

The Easiest Way To Podcast

Ready to start your own podcast? With, you'll get unlimited episodes, a website for your podcast, analytics, episode scheduling, custom embed players, automatic distribution to Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more!

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