The Unplugged Debate

by Craig Gavigan

Welcome to The Unplugged Debate, on this podcast we delve into the ideas that surround human’s interaction with both nature and technology. Talking to people about their time in the outdoors. Starting from when they were younger all the way through to present day. Developing a picture on who and what motivates them to be outside and why they do the things they do in the outdoors. Crossing over into talking about their technolog... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E24 - Chris Mckleroy

    S01 E24 - Chris Mckleroy

    On today’s episode, we have Chris Mckleroy. Chris is a keen outdoor sportsman; He has been skiing and mountain biking among other sports since a young age. As he has got older, he has moved into slower adventure starting to become...

  • S01 E23 - Daniel Lynn

    S01 E23 - Daniel Lynn

    On todays episode, we have Daniel Lynn. Daniel lives in Florida and is currently studying business management with a specialist view of HR management. Daniel has a varied and interesting background in nature. From learning to swim...

  • S01 E22 - Lizzie McGhee

    S01 E22 - Lizzie McGhee

    On today’s episode, we have Lizzie McGhee. Lizzie is a yoga teacher working in Edinburgh at the moment and is moving to Canada to pursue a new adventure in her life. She has developed an off-grid yoga retreat that incorporates the...

  • S01 E21 - Abbie Barnes

    S01 E21 - Abbie Barnes

    On today’s episode, we have Abbie Barns. Abbie Is a filmmaker, presenter, and adventurer. She has a production company that works to provide education about issues around the environment and the connection with nature. This is wha...

  • S01 E20 - Akarsh Vinod

    S01 E20 - Akarsh Vinod

    On today’s episode, we have Akarsh Vinod, he is a young aspiring entrepreneur, designing and launching an innovative set of connective home speakers in his spare time. While working full-time in a tech company in Silicon Valley. H...