Chris Mckleroy

The Unplugged Debate by Craig Gavigan

Episode notes

On today’s episode, we have Chris Mckleroy. Chris is a keen outdoor sportsman; He has been skiing and mountain biking among other sports since a young age. As he has got older, he has moved into slower adventure starting to become more interested in birdwatching, and more wildlife watching while out on his adventures. This leads to the business that he set up in 2019 called Nos which has redesigned binoculars to make higher-powered binos more affordable and with a sleeker look than the other binoculars on the market. With his company, he is looking to encourage minority groups to get out into nature and get the well-documented benefits that humans can have from being in nature. It was great speaking to Chris and the ideas that he has have been very refreshing. Please have a look at their page @n_o_c_s on Instagram.