Shop Talk

by Louanne Midgley

A podcast hosted by Louanne Midgley, Founder of Tell Your Story Videos, where fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners discuss different aspects of business building. We go behind-the-scenes, talk about what works, what doesn't and more. To watch Shop Talk and get the full experience go to

Podcast episodes

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  • Carving Her Niche: A Conversation with Butcher Taryn Barker, Port Moody, BC

    Carving Her Niche: A Conversation with Butcher Taryn Barker, Port Moody, BC

    Taryn Barker is little, there’s no question. It’s even in the name of her business. What’s not little is her drive, her dreams, her delightful personality and her eagerness to be the best butcher she can be. As a successful small business owner, already ten years in business, Taryn and her mostly female team have carved out an impressive place for themselves. Great products and first-class service is what you get at The Little Butcher, where Taryn and her team are always keen to pass on their knowledge of the benefits of local, sustainable farming and nose-to-tail butchering. A competition butcher as well, Taryn prepares for the World’s Butchery Challenge with Team Canada in September. Enjoy this podcast interview with Taryn and if you’re looking for delicious, local meat products to serve to your loved ones, support a small business owner and visit Taryn at The Little Butcher,

  • The Power of Words

    The Power of Words

    How often do you read a book and can clearly imagine it in your mind, visualizing all the little details, what the characters look like, how they sound, even what they’re wearing? Isn’t it magical when this happens? What if your website, blog and social media copy could do the same? Could it help potential clients connect with you on a deeper level, where you can show who you are in a real way, without the jargon, without the hard sales pitch? You don’t write well, you say. Writing and expressing yourself doesn’t come naturally? Most people feel this way. But there is someone who can help you to find the right words and to write more authentically and naturally for your style. Meet Lauren Woodgate, a “word weaving wizardess” and a brand voice coach. Lauren takes us through exactly what brand voice means and how finding it will make all the difference in how you present your business in all your communications. Our conversation covers: - Lauren’s early life as a teacher - Word energetics - Storytelling - Copy that connects - Lauren’s programs - Gaining clarity - Practise - Sharing your benefits - How video and copy work perfectly together - Writing from the heart

  • Capturing Moments with Xanthe Berkeley

    Capturing Moments with Xanthe Berkeley

    Welcome to Shop Talk. I'm your host Louanne Midgley from Tell Your Story Videos and I want you to meet Xanthe Berkeley. Xanthe is an incredible film maker, stop motion animation artist and lifestyle/portrait photographer who beautifully captures life's moments and teaches others how to as well. With colourful and easy style, Xanthe has an uncanny ability to sense not only what to shoot, but also how to beautifully showcase her life's moments. Xanthe's stop motion animations are superb and as a result she's worked with many well-known UK brands on their social media platforms. It's easy to see why. Xanthe is not only a talent, but a lovely person as well. Many people around the world have been taught by Xanthe. Including me. "I'm just an ordinary person, like you," she says and she means it. A generous teacher and soul, Xanthe shares all that she knows without hesitation. You can find Xanthe on Instagram @xantheb and @createvideoswithxanthe In this video we talk about: - why stop motion animations "stop" the scroll and tell great stories - Xanthe's origin story and her passion for documenting memories - the best way to learn how to create videos - how to attract commercial work - how to learn with Xanthe from her blog, courses and deep support

  • Important Considerations When Renovating Your Home and Choosing a Contractor

    Important Considerations When Renovating Your Home and Choosing a Contractor

    If you’ve ever renovated a room, a floor in your home, or your whole house, you know that choosing a contractor is a very important decision and not to be made lightly. How do you choose one contractor over another? What stands out for you? Is it all about the workmanship? Is it the customer reviews? Is it a strong referral? Is it the contractor's process and price? It’s likely all of the above. And what about their background, their character and their communication style? Does that matter to you? In today’s Shop Talk, I talk to Jerome Mens, owner of Rembrandt Renovations Ltd, a fine home renovation company in Vancouver, BC. Jerome shares with us his business journey of 19 years with Rembrandt and how important skills learned earlier in life helped him and his team build an award winning business. Highlights of this interview include: - How a background in advertising has transferred many vital skills. - The role of the customer in Rembrandt's success. - How starting out modestly is how you start. - Jerome’s take on video marketing and what would work for his business. - Giving back… Coats for Kids and more! Visit for the video version of this podcast

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  • Find Your True North

    Find Your True North

    Why is it that nearly everyone knows their Zodiac sign and something about it? What if there was more to it then just a horoscope and with a practical use for your life and your business? Find Your True North is Lauren Degolia's tagline for her Astrology business and a great title for this episode of Shop Talk. It means that there is indeed more to Astrology than being a Leo or a Gemini and I had the privilege of not only interviewing Lauren about her astrology business, I also became a client. Does that surprise you? I don’t know if I’m “woke” or “woo”, but I do know that I am curious enough, open enough and intuitive enough to know that who I am as a human being, living at this moment in time, is a result of a series of connections. So why not explore more deeply the connections in the cosmos when I was born? Like a key slipping into a lock, Lauren not only guides you to see those connections more clearly, she’s also a kick-ass business woman with years of working in Corporate America behind her and the two skills combined are a powerful combination in clarifying the haze and doubt, as well as the synchronicities and opportunities that comes with being in business. An incredible communicator, Lauren dials into the art and science of who you are, astrologically speaking. This is her story. For more Shop Talks and about host Louanne Midgley and her video production and video marketing company Tell Your Story Videos, visit