Find Your True North

Shop Talk by Louanne Midgley

Episode notes

Why is it that nearly everyone knows their Zodiac sign and something about it?

What if there was more to it then just a horoscope and with a practical use for your life and your business?

Find Your True North is Lauren Degolia's tagline for her Astrology business and a great title for this episode of Shop Talk. It means that there is indeed more to Astrology than being a Leo or a Gemini and I had the privilege of not only interviewing Lauren about her astrology business, I also became a client.

Does that surprise you?

I don’t know if I’m “woke” or “woo”, but I do know that I am curious enough, open enough and intuitive enough to know that who I am as a human being, living at this moment in time, is a result of a series of connections. So why not explore more deeply the connections in the cosmos when I was ... 

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