Capturing Moments with Xanthe Berkeley

Shop Talk by Louanne Midgley

Episode notes

Welcome to Shop Talk. I'm your host Louanne Midgley from Tell Your Story Videos and I want you to meet Xanthe Berkeley.

Xanthe is an incredible film maker, stop motion animation artist and lifestyle/portrait photographer who beautifully captures life's moments and teaches others how to as well. With colourful and easy style, Xanthe has an uncanny ability to sense not only what to shoot, but also how to beautifully showcase her life's moments.

Xanthe's stop motion animations are superb and as a result she's worked with many well-known UK brands on their social media platforms. It's easy to see why. Xanthe is not only a talent, but a lovely person as well. Many people around the world have been taught by Xanthe. Including me. "I'm just an ordinary person, like you," she says and she means it.

A generous teacher and soul, ... 

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