Songs Out Loud

by Aaron Doerr

Songs Out Loud is a songs deconstruction podcast featuring St. Louis based musicians, songwriters & producers. Delivered in short, twenty minute episodes, the series reverse engineers one song of an artist's choice. Featuring isolated instrument and vocal tracks alongside selections from a conversation about making it, Songs Out Loud breaks it down: instrument by instrument, lyric by lyric, and beat by beat. Songs Out Loud is ... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E10 - Retro Champ - Truth

    S02 E10 - Retro Champ - TruthExplicit

    Retro Champ is a heavy metal singer and MC who’s 2022 EP No Mercy is the third such release since 2019. “Truth” is one of the heaviest songs on the album, which he recorded with producer & songwriter Ben McGuiness. For this episod...

  • S02 E09 - When Can I C U? - Syna So Pro

    S02 E09 - When Can I C U? - Syna So ProExplicit

    Classically trained electronic musician and singer Syrhea Conaway composes and performs under the name Syna So Pro. This is the story of how one song became two new songs. It all started with cutting up “The Pretty One”.~~~Cover D...

  • S02 E08 - Obviously Offbeat - A Conversation With God

    S02 E08 - Obviously Offbeat - A Conversation With God

    Kevin Koehler is a multi-instrumentalist singer and songwriter as well as live sound engineer and owner-operator of Lucy SoundLab. When he’s not playing guitar for the rock band iLLPHONICS, Kevin writes and performs under the name...

  • S02 E07 - Tree One Four - Hell

    S02 E07 - Tree One Four - HellExplicit

    Tree One Four is a reggae rock jam band with two albums to their name. Their most recent album, 2021’s Exhilarama, solidified the band’s official lineup. And just so you know, the song we deconstruct on this episode references per...

  • S02 E06 - Monkh - Level 1

    S02 E06 - Monkh - Level 1

    Guitarist Daniel Horrell aka “Monkh” epidimizes the hustle of a modern musician. His band Monkh and the People rocks funky R&B on big stages and his solo stuff grooves just as hard - even when it’s just him and an acoustic guitar...