The 442s - The Mess

Songs Out Loud by Aaron Doerr, Fellow Musician

Episode notes

The 442s did something special last month. They removed the precious from a genre widely endangered by pretense. Yes, they’re a chamber band: a folk-leaning classical and jazz hybrid. But their new album can accompany a Mother’s Day brunch just as well as a 4-20 afterparty. If you wanna hear John Denver, you will. If you wanna hear John Cage, you will. Need some Praire Home Companion vibes? Have a seat. Busta Rhymes? Travis Barker? Right this way. .

For this episode, "The Mess" by the 442s, Adam provided the 14 page score plus his phone recording from an early version. Shock City Studios recording and mixing engineer Sam Maul broke me off twelve isolated instrument and vocal groups to play with, and he joins the conversation too.

Season 3 of Songs Out Loud episodes are taped in front of a live audience. For this one ... 

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