18andcounting - Smitten

Songs Out Loud by Aaron Doerr, Fellow Musician

Episode notes

On Halloween weekend 2022, a small group of us gathered in a lounge above The Royale Food & Spirits to hear Stan Chisololm deconstruct his single “Smitten.” Later that night, Stan would play an all vinyl DJ set. To help set the scene, you might picture Stan sitting on a black leather couch wearing the Bjork swon dress from her Academy Awards appearance in 2001 back in her Vespertine days.

[“Hi I’m Stan aka 18andCounting…”]


Stan Chisholm, aka “18andCounting” is an experimental DJ and emcee. He’s also a graphic artist and muralist with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from The Art Institute Of Chicago.

[I’m a grimey art kid]

He’s co-founder of open concept arts venue Blank Space on Cherokee St. and a Board Memb ... 

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