Episode notes

“The Big One” is a reflection about forecasting fear that cannot be known. There’s a story about an earthquake. There’s invented open tunings, and open hearts, there’s crying in bed at night in the woods of a military base. There’s a multidude of studio musicians, artful scoring and arranging, and a smart, eager protagonist ready to face her fears. This song, along with a few favorites on Lizzie Weber’s new album Fidalgo, goes super cinematic folk rock.

For this episode, Lizzie provided the demo she and her guitarist used as the foundation, plus, ten isolated instrument and vocal groups from recording and mixing engineer Sheldon Gomberg, executive producer.

Season 3 of Songs Out Loud episodes are taped in front of a live audience. For this one, we gathered in the upstairs lounge of The Royale Food & Spirits. Weaving isolated instr ... 

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