Shitty MashupsExplicit

by Shitty Mashups

Coming to you live from the music research facility in the center of the earth, 3 scientists cursed to live a thousand lifetimes in confinement attempt to create the worst music ever heard by the human species. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E23 - The Anime Challenge

    S02 E23 - The Anime ChallengeExplicit

    That's right! This is the first-ever community requested mashup challenge! Thanks for the suggestion from like, a year ago listener ChuChu. Much appreciated. While one smasher is an avid anime fan, the other is only a casual fan. ...

  • S02 E22 - The Discog Shakes

    S02 E22 - The Discog ShakesExplicit

    In the exciting sequel to Episode 2, the boys shake up their phones to get a random album from their discogs collection. But don't worry, while the challenge is recycled, the beats are fresh as hell. Could have sworn that the firs...

  • S02 E21 - The Talk Rock Challenge / The 420 Special!

    S02 E21 - The Talk Rock Challenge / The 420 Special!Explicit

    Happy holidays! There aren't many holidays these boys actually celebrate, but at least 2/3 of them celebrate this one! Shane's a government employee and a good boy though so he can't. That government being the Music Research Insti...

  • S02 E20 - The Soul Challenge

    S02 E20 - The Soul ChallengeExplicit

    This week the boys do their best to make soul mashups, despite being completely unqualified to do so. Is the outcome good? That's for history to decide. But given the standard for podcasts run by three white dudes... the outlook i...

  • S02 E19 - The Stank Face Challenge

    S02 E19 - The Stank Face ChallengeExplicit

    First, I do like this Put a look on my face like I smelled some piss Bounce to the beat till it start to hurt Then I dust all the smirk off me shirt Dip to the ground as I catch the bass Then I wipe all the sweat off me face Hop b...