Shitty MashupsExplicit

by Shitty Mashups

Coming to you live from the music research facility in the center of the earth, 3 scientists cursed to live a thousand lifetimes in confinement attempt to create the worst music ever heard by the human species. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E45 - The Rhyming Challenge

    S02 E45 - The Rhyming ChallengeExplicit

    Ian and Ryan, they're feeling quite blue,This week's challenge is quite a doozy, it's true,They have to make mashups with songs that rhyme,It's tough, but they'll do it, just give them some time.

  • S02 E44 - The "Your Music" Challenge

    S02 E44 - The "Your Music" ChallengeExplicit

    The boys are no strangers to dabbling in the DIY music scene. So take our collective hand and join us in a trip down memory lane to relive our historical attempts at creating art.

  • S02 E43 - The Muzak Challenge

    S02 E43 - The Muzak ChallengeExplicit

    Muzak. Love it or hate it, it's everywhere. Personally I love it but that's just because I get really excited about the origins of things that are mundane. A living breathing person (or an ai) spent time out of their life to creat...

  • S02 E42 - The Grower Challenge

    S02 E42 - The Grower ChallengeExplicit

    Now look. Some songs are showers and some are growers. Just because you didn't like them the first time you heard them doesn't mean that they have nothing to offer. Give that song you don't like a few more listens and see if it do...

  • S02 E41 - The *Hits Blunt* Bruuuuuuuh Challenge

    S02 E41 - The *Hits Blunt* Bruuuuuuuh ChallengeExplicit

    So, like, have you ever tried starting up the movie Shrek at the same time as playing Pink Floyd's album Wish You Were Here? It's freakin' wild man.The way that the music and movie sync up is just insane. It's like the universe is...