Falling Into Place

Shitty Mashups by Shitty Mashups

Episode notes
You're walking in a grocery store. It's crowded. As you push your way through the heaving mass of human bodies you accidentally bump into a shelf. What transpires next amazes you. The first item to fall from the safety of its shelf is a martini glass. You brace for the glass to shatter. And yet it never comes. The glass sits comfortably on the ground via its sturdy base. "Those odds must be one in a million" you think to yourself. And yet it's not over. The shelf, still rocking back and forth from the impact knocks over a bottle of vermouth. The top cracks just slightly, and you see a lone drop fall directly into the glass. "Amazing" you think. And yet the event isn't yet over. Another victim to the movement, a bottle of gin. This one's top fully breaks open and gin starts flowing freely directly over... a pile of ice? Where did that even come from? ...   ...  Read more