On Sunday WeExplicit

by Jiya Shamdasani & Simran Chhada

On Sunday We: Host! J & S are pulling up into your pod charts and guarantee one dose of truths and tell-alls by the week. As two former college roommates from San Francisco, we bridge the gap and wield our powers of dialogue to speak on topics that appeal to the contemporary audiences. It’s all about music for the mind as we delve into exciting and pressing themes. A handbook for positivity, career perspectives, mental wellness... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E02 - On Sunday We: Fancy The 415

    S01 E02 - On Sunday We: Fancy The 415

    The end of the week marks the start of reflection. This Sunday, J & S are all geared up to take you along on their journey in the brain train! We talk lessons & liaisons while looking back on our Bay Area rendezvous. There is ampl...

  • S01 E01 - On Sunday We: Tell A Tale of 2 Lassies

    S01 E01 - On Sunday We: Tell A Tale of 2 Lassies

    Once upon a time on a stormy Sunday, J gets a text from S and an epiphany brings their worlds together and births the beginnings of a long distance pod-ship. This Sunday, we not roll into your pod charts with our first conversatio...

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    S01 - On Sunday We: Tease!

    S01 - On Sunday We: Tease!

    Here’s to the start of new beginnings and a sneak peek into our pod universe! On Sundays We hope you stay tuned and continue to listen with love, just as we pod with passion. J & S are 2 gals powering through a quarter-life crisis...