On Sunday We: Fancy The 415

On Sunday We by Jiya Shamdasani & Simran Chhada

Episode notes

The end of the week marks the start of reflection. This Sunday, J & S are all geared up to take you along on their journey in the brain train! We talk lessons & liaisons while looking back on our Bay Area rendezvous. There is ample discussion about the personal and professional ins and outs of living and learning at our university and in our vibrant metropolis. Every takeaway snowballs into painting a bigger life picture and sets up the scene for meaningful banter only. College is tough but so are we, and this heart-to-heart is between 2 people who sincerely hope to impart valuable insight and make your college journey a worthwhile one. It’s candid conversation and we hope this entices you for more podilicious content to come..

xo, J & S