On Sunday We: Tease!

On Sunday We by Jiya Shamdasani & Simran Chhada

Episode notes

Here’s to the start of new beginnings and a sneak peek into our pod universe! On Sundays We hope you stay tuned and continue to listen with love, just as we pod with passion. J & S are 2 gals powering through a quarter-life crisis as they share their moods and musings on issues that empower and impact a compatible generation. Career fears, social anxieties, roadblocks on the path to soul searching? Fasten your seatbelts, we’re riding this bumpy wave out together. New episodes drop every Sunday, make sure you are subscribed to be notified. Premiere episode debuting real soon, keep your eyes peeled. For our official Instagram handle and business inquires, refer to the larger channel bio for details.

Cheers to a soulful week ahead, see you Sunday!


J & S