On Sunday We: Tell A Tale of 2 Lassies

On Sunday We by Jiya Shamdasani & Simran Chhada

Episode notes

Once upon a time on a stormy Sunday, J gets a text from S and an epiphany brings their worlds together and births the beginnings of a long distance pod-ship. This Sunday, we not roll into your pod charts with our first conversation, but also get down in discussion and uncover the who’s, how’s & why’s. Singapore, Hong Kong and our listeners have never felt closer! Enjoy as we take you through a brief itinerary of our trip down college lane, hope these lil’ tastes of truth keep you locked in till next weekend. New episodes drop every Sunday, make sure you are subscribed to be notified. For our official Instagram handle and business inquires, refer to the larger channel bio for details. See you Sunday, we’re excited.

xo, J & S